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In RimWorld, you control three survivors of a spacecraft that crash-landed on a planet far away from civilization. It’s up to you to help them survive on this planet full of uncertainties. As with many game plots, the survivors have to restart civilization from scratch.

How to Make Cloth in RimWorld

One of the essential resources in the game is Cloth, and it’s used to make all sorts of fabric items. There are three ways to get this resource, and making more should be at the top of your priority list.

Making Cloth in RimWorld

Of the three methods, two of them are the most practical for obtaining Cloth. The third one isn’t the best, but you can still rely on it occasionally. Here they are:

Planting Cotton

If you’re knowledgeable about the seasons, you’ll always end up with Cotton to make Cloth. Planting cotton crops is the best way to make Cloth. Here are the basics:

  1. Click on the Architect Menu.
  2. Select “Zone.”
  3. Pick “Growing Zone” from the options.
  4. Place the Growing Zone in an area with earth, preferably fertile soil.
  5. Select the Growing Zone with your mouse.
  6. Change the crops to Cotton Plant.
  7. Assign a colonist to grow the plants.
  8. Wait until the plants yield Cloth.

Each Cotton Plant will give you 10 Cloth, and by planting more, you’ll have a sizeable reserve.

When you unlock Hydroponics Stations, you can plant Cotton all year round. However, you’ll need to provide the stations with power, and the plants need Sun Lamps. Maintaining the proper temperature is also key to growing crops using hydroponics.

Trade for Cloth

Trading is the easiest way to gain Cloth, and other factions tend to have plenty of it for your needs. Not every base has Cloth to trade with, but larger ones tend to have sizeable reserves. It’s better to trade for these factions’ Cloth supplies with valuable items.

Eventually, you’ll unlock the Comms console, enabling a trading ship to visit your colony. These ships tend to bring a lot of Cloth with them so that you can advantage of their stock.

Breaking Down Unused Fabric Products

At some point, you’ll notice there is some furniture that none of the colonists are using. For example, there’s a pool table no one uses. Instead of letting it stay there, you can always order a worker to deconstruct it.

Deconstruction yields some Cloth, but the amount will never match or surpass the original Cloth cost of the furniture required initially. This method is more of a way to recycle unused furniture.

If you invade a faction or bandit outpost, you can deconstruct their bedrolls and beds. This action will yield a decent amount of Cloth, though it won’t be as much as trading or growing Cotton Plants.

We Need Luxury Items

In RimWorld, Cloth is required for basic clothing, but you also have to keep the colonists happy by building luxury furniture. Pool tables and carpets will always provide entertainment and make rooms beautiful. Without Cloth, your colony will falter.

Do you use hydroponics to grow your Cotton Plants? How many Cloth do you have now? Let us know in the comments section below.

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