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Since launching last year, League of Legends: Wild Rift has risen to become one of the top MOBAs on mobile platforms. Players have praised the game for its difficulty and the great translation of hero mechanics from PC to mobile. Riot Games has since added a Ranked Mode that most MOBAs nowadays have as well.

How To Rise Through The Ranks In League of Legends: Wild Rift

It’s important to rise through the ranks in the game. It isn’t just for bragging rights; it’s also for rewards too. Newcomers and veterans alike can struggle to rise from Iron to Challenger. Before we talk about how you can rise through the ranks, let’s talk about the ranked system first.

To start playing Ranked, you’ll first need to reach level 10 first. You can do this simply by playing the game regularly. Once you reach level 10, you’ll have to finish 10 placement matches to determine your starting rank for the season. Now, there are 10 ranks to rise through in the game, but the journey won’t be easy.

There will be a total of four tiers, from Iron to Emerald Ranks. To get through these tiers, you’ll have to win somewhere between two to four Placement Marks. Before being promoted to a new rank, you’ll have to win three times. If you lose three times first, you won’t be able to rank up, and you’ll have to fight through your promotions again. Now, let’s talk about some tips.

Master Your Hero

The bread and butter of every Wild Rift game are the heroes that you use along the way. Currently, there are over 70 heroes to choose from in the game. They are spread out through various roles such as Fighter, Assassin, Marksman, Mage, Support, and Tank. Before you dive into any Ranked game, make sure that you master a few heroes first.

Keep in mind that there are heroes that are fit for newcomers. These include Garen, Nassus, Blitzcrank, and Ahri. On the other hand, some heroes are hard to use such as Ezreal, Jax, Rengar, and many others. It’s best to try out every hero first. Master their skill sets, know which heroes counter them and which heroes you can counter with them as well. Most importantly, make sure that your item builds are perfect for that hero.

Learn And Master Each Role

There are a total of five roles in the game: ADC, Support, Jungle, Mid-Lane, Baron-Lane. It’s very important that you know how to play each role because if you’re playing solo, you’ll need to adjust for your teammates for the team’s sake. A perfectly balanced team is very important in any MOBA, including League of Legends: Wild Rift. Here’s a brief look at each role:

  • ADC – The main carry of the team. You’ll be usually accompanied by the Support in the Baron Lane. You’ll need to farm early on so that you can help carry the team the rest of the game.
  • Support – As the name suggests, you’ll be supporting your teammates in this role. At the start of the game, you’ll be tasked with protecting the ADC in their lane. Help them get last hits on minions and help them get kills as well.
  • Jungle – This is a very complex role as most of the time, you’ll have to roam around the Jungle to farm the neutral creeps. This role is also vital as you’ll be in charge of setting up ambushes at the top, mid, and bottom lane. The most important part of the Jungle role is that you should take Baron Nasher, Rift Herald, and the dragons from the enemy team.
  • Mid-Lane – The mid-laner is tasked with pushing the middle tower as fast as you can. You should also offer support for the top and bottom lanes as well as both areas are easily accessible to you.
  • Baron-Lane – This lane is the closest to Baron/Rift Herald so you’ll serve as a means to watch if the enemy team is trying to kill these beasts. You’ll be the secondary carry of the team as well so make sure you outfarm the enemy solo laner.

As a general rule of thumb, you should master at least 2 heroes for each role. That way, you’ll be able to adjust accordingly depending on what your team needs. Still, it would be best if you let your teammates know what role you are comfortable with playing first so that you can perform at your best.

Aim For Baron Nashor And The Rift Herald

These are two of the most important jungle creeps out there. The Rift Herald will arrive at Baron Lane around 5 minutes into the match. Killing The Rift Herald will allow you to summon the beast on one of the lanes. It’s a good way to push the first tower of the opponents early. On the other hand, if your opponents can secure the Rift Herald, then you must do your best to protect the lane where it is summoned at.

The Rift Herald appears once in a match only. After you beat it, it will be replaced by Baron Nashor, which will arrive on the map around 10 minutes into the fight. Baron Nashor is tough and will often require the coordination of the entire team to beat. Killing Baron Nashor will empower your creeps and help you recall at a faster rate as well.

Learn The Lay Of The Land

Learning the map deeply in League of Legends: Wild Rift, or in any other MOBA for that matter, is very important. It will help you initiate ganks easier, and you’ll be able to avoid ambushes as well. The good news is that in Wild Rift, the map is mirrored. This means that no matter what side of the map you are on, the layout is going to be the same.

Learning the lay of the land is even more important if you are playing the role of a Jungler. Find the most optimized routes for juggling the neutral creeps so that you stay on track of a progressive route. Of course, if you know the map’s layout well, you’ll find it easier to set up ambushes for the enemy team too.

Slay The Dragons

Aside from Baron Nashor and the Rift Herald, you also share the maps with a few dragons. The dragons spawn several times throughout the game. In total, there are 8 dragons to fight in the game.

  • Mountain Dragon – Grants 6% of health as shield after not taking damage for 5 seconds.
  • Cloud Dragon – Grants 7.5% of bonus movement speed, increases to 15% when not in combat.
  • Ocean Dragon – Grants 8% physical and magival vamp.
  • Infernal Dragon – Grants 8% increased damage.

Each of these dragons has an elder form which only arrives during the latter parts of the game. Their elder dragon versions offer the same buffs but are more potent. It’s very important to have your Jungler steal the dragons whenever they can, as this can put a lot of pressure on the enemy team.

Play In A Group

MOBAs are always about synergy and team play. While playing solo is definitely okay, you’ll find it hard to play with complete strangers. One problem is that they might not be able to adjust to you if you play select roles and heroes only. Another problem is that you aren’t really sure of their playstyle, so it might be hard to keep up with them.

You can play ranked in pairs, trios, or in teams of five. Keep in mind that when you’re playing in a group, you’ll also be matched with players who are in a group as well. This means you’ll be facing off against other players who could be just as coordinated and synergized as your team.

Turn On Your Mics

Communication plays a huge role in MOBAs. When you can, and if you can, make sure you turn on your mics so that you can set up plays a lot better with your team. It can be hard communicating solely through chat alone, and in most cases, this will make it hard for you and your team to coordinate with each other. Quick chat options are available, but they are often not enough to set up plays,

Get a decent mic and headset rig so that you can coordinate with players well. There’s in-game voice chat in League of Legends: Wild Rift, but players complain that it’s not that good. As such, make sure to use Discord if you are playing in a group. The comms will be clearer, and there will be fewer hiccups between calls as well.

These tips will help you slowly but surely rise through the ranks in Wild Rift. Perhaps the most important tip is that you should stay patient with yourself and your teammates. With enough practice, you’ll be able to win more games and might eventually reach the Challenger rank as well.

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