How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain 2


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There are 11 playable characters in Risk of Rain 2, each representing a class. You start with two characters unlocked by default but must unlock the other nine through varying means.

How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain 2

New players or those lacking one character are welcome to consult on unlocking the classes. Some have strange requirements, but you don’t need to worry. Unlocking them all will take more time than anything.

Unlocking All Risk of Rain 2 Characters

All characters except for the Commando and Huntress are locked behind specific requirements. When you complete these challenges or actions, you should get them on your character selection screen.


The Commando is unlocked by default, and you play as him when you first start a game of Risk of Rain 2. He’s a basic character who has tools for various situations. Regardless, he’s outclassed by every other character you can unlock as you progress in the game.


Huntress is a long-range unit focusing on sniping. Initially, the Huntress wasn’t a default character. Players had to reach and beat the third stage without dying to unlock her. However, the updates have made this Bandit’s unlock requirement instead.


When you play Risk of Rain 2, you may come across Lunar Coins occasionally. Eleven are required to unlock the Artificer, purchasable from the Bazaar. Players who love killing bosses will enjoy using her kit to wipe them off the map.


Unlocking the Mercenary involves killing yourself at the Obelisk you find after entering a Celestial Portal. This portal appears after you complete a loop and reach the third stage. If you like katanas, the Mercenary will fit you perfectly.


The Warrior challenge involves playing and staying alive from the first to third stages. As a combo character, he relies on daggers, bombs, and gunfire to eliminate his foes. You can complete this challenge on any difficulty with any Artifacts you have on you.


MUL-T is a terrifying character to battle. His firepower is oppressive while also possessing incredible defense. To unlock this robotic killer, you must beat the first Teleporter event five times to complete the Verified challenge.


Loader has some of the most powerful hits in the game. The Alloy Worship Unit appears in the Siren’s Call stage, and defeating it will unlock Loader. To make the Alloy Worship Unit appear, destroy the five egg nests in the area.


You know about the Bazaar from unlocking the Artificer, but did you know you can find Acrid there too? In the Bazaar is a cave; you can reach the Void Fields through a portal inside. You’ll have to complete all nine challenges there while taking continuous damage.

Once you get Acrid, you’ll appreciate his use of debuffs, and his abilities make crowd control a walk in the park.


The Engineering Perfection challenge appears straightforward, and that’s because it can be cleared relatively quickly. All you need to do is clear any 30 stages; even the first stage cleared 30 times works. The Engineer focuses on deploying turrets.


With its debuff-centric playstyle, players can support main damage dealers easily. When you reach the Abyssal Depths stage, you can find REX inactive. To unlock him, escort a Fuel Array from your drop pod and power up REX.


The Captain can fit into many roles with his abilities but is better at utility. To unlock him, you must beat the game once. Upon doing so, you can play him in future runs.

Which One’s Next?

These characters bring unique playstyles to the table, and you’re free to experiment with them. You might struggle to unlock some of these characters, but all 11 will become available to play with time and practice.

Who do you enjoy playing the most? Which character did you hate unlocking among all of them? Let us know in the comments section.

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