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The second-born son of one of the wealthiest merchants in Liyue Harbor is an intelligent and well-mannered young man named Xingqiu. Their family owns the Feiyun Commerce Guild. While learning the family business, Xingqiu would also sneakily read martial arts novels; thus, his father agreed to learn martial arts from the Guhua Clan.

How to Play Xingqiu in Genshin Impact

With great love and interest for martial arts novels, Xingqiu wrote his book named “A Legend of Sword.” It did not garner much interest from readers in Liyue, but, unbeknownst to him, the novel received rave reviews from the people of Inazuma.

As a playable character, Xingqiu is pretty flexible and can work with many team compositions. He can be the main damage dealer or provide damage support while not on the field. This Xingqiu guide will help you make the most of this character.

Role and Team Composition

Most people use Xingqiu as damage support because his elemental skill and elemental burst remain even if you switch with other characters. But, he can also do well as your main DPS.

Designed as a pair with Chongyun for a Freeze Composition duo. Xingqiu’s elemental burst is a sword rain attack where normal attacks will trigger Hydro Blades shot to the target. With Chongyun’s elemental skill, which creates an area where all melee attacks are infused with Cryo, enemies will constantly be in a frozen state.

With how Xingqiu’s elemental burst works, it is best to pair him with characters whose offensive playstyles focus on normal attacks.


Xingqiu’s kit also uses his Max HP because one of his passive talents regenerates the active character’s HP when one of the Rain Swords is shattered on when its duration expires. This amount of heal it gives is 6% of Xingqiu’s Max HP.

Although a few players will build Xingqiu as a healer, sometimes just for fun, Xingqiu is not an ideal type and is not recommended. This is because it compromises his damage potential.

How to Build Xingqiu

Building Xingqiu, like all other characters, will always depend on a certain type of playstyle that you want.

DPS Stats: ATK, CRIT, Hydro

As a DPS character, the main goal is to have a high damage output. Since the playstyle involves a lot of normal attacks, you need a balance between ATK and Hydro DMG. Only Xingqiu’s elemental skill and elemental burst can benefit from the Hydro DMG bonus, and you cannot spam these talents.

Build at least 2000 Max ATK, Hydro DMG, and a decent amount of Critical Rate and Critical DMG.

If you are going for an elemental reaction team, most likely a Vaporize team where Xingqiu triggers the reaction, consider adding enough Elemental Mastery.

Sub-DPS Stats: Hydro, ATK, Energy Recharge Rate

As a sub-DPS, Xingqiu will have to deal damage off-field. This means the playstyle will be switching to Xingqiu to cast either his elemental skill or elemental burst and then switch back to your main DPS character.

This playstyle does not care much about normal attacks; thus, building Hydro DMG is a really good option. It is also always better to have his elemental burst ready most of the time; therefore, a high Energy Recharge Rate is recommended for a sub-DPS type.


The best weapon for Xingqiu is the one that will help maximize the role you want him to play. The same goes for the best artifacts for him.


For DPS type, almost all swords that increase damage work well with Xingqiu, except for those with Physical DMG Bonus as a secondary stat. Some of these swords are Primordial Jade Cutter and The Flute.

If you build an elemental reaction team like Vaporize and Electro-Charged, Lion’s Roar and The Alley Flash can be good choices. However, take note that Xingqiu should be the one who triggers the reaction to maximize the stat and passive bonuses of the said weapons.

If you want a support-type Xingqiu with an elemental burst that is almost always up, you will need a higher elemental recharge rate. This is because his elemental burst’s energy cost is 80, which is a bit high, especially with an elemental skill that takes a while to cool down.

With this in mind, swords like Skyward Blade, Sacrificial Sword, Favonius Sword, and Festering Desire should be considered.


Heart of Depth

The 2-piece set of this artifact gives Hydro DMG a bonus, and with the 4-piece set, after the user uses an elemental skill, their normal and charged attack damage are increased temporarily.

The 4-piece set effect works well for a DPS Xingqiu.

Noblesse Oblige

You can have the 4-piece set of the Noblesse Oblige for a sub-DPS type because it temporarily increases the entire party’s ATK after Xingqiu uses his elemental burst. The 2-piece set effect increases the damage of the elemental burst, which perfectly fits the sub-DPS playstyle.

Another set to consider that works well with both main DPS and sub-DPS types is a combination of Heart of Depth and Noblesse Oblige.

The 2-piece set of either artifact can also be paired with either the Gladiator’s Finale or the Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, and it would still increase Xingqiu’s damage output.

You can also use a full 4-piece set of Gladiator’s Finale since it gives ATK% bonus and increases the normal attack damage of melee characters.

Please also make sure to have a goblet with a Hydro DMG bonus.

Ascension Materials

These are the material that you will need to ascend Xingqiu to higher-level caps.

Cleansing Heart

A material you can get after defeating the Oceanid of Qingce.

Silk Flower

A flower can only be found in Liyue, but you can collect its seeds and plant them in your Serenitea Pot.

Varunada Lazurite Silvers, Fragments, Chunks, and Gemstones

These are materials that can be dropped when defeating Oceanids and Hydro Hypostases. You can also get these as quest rewards by purchasing them from city jewelry shops or crafting.

Damaged, Stained, and Ominous Masks

These can be dropped when you defeat all types of Hilichurls. You can also craft higher versions using lower rarity types as materials. Some rarity types are also available for purchase in the in-game shop using Masterless Stardusts.

Talent Level Materials

Aside from Mora and Hilichurls Masks, you will also need talent books to level up Xingqiu’s talents. The ones he needs are the “Gold” books.

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