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Players who want a Minecraft experience with much more depth can download RLCraft, a comprehensive mudpack. Made by Shivaxi, it adds progression systems and a host of features not present in the vanilla game. Therefore, players must prioritize different things as well.

How to Get Flint Shards in RLCraft

Once you create a world, the essential item to get is Flint. With Flint, you can craft better tools and more. Keep on reading to find out more.

Obtaining Flint in RLCraft

When you have RLCraft installed and running, it’s easy to create a new world like the base Minecraft game. Similarly, you spawn into the world without any tools and weapons. All you have are your fists.

In regular Minecraft, you can immediately break wood with your hands, but not in RLCraft. There’s a progression system for crafting and gathering resources, which is where Flint comes it. Here’s what you should do to get Flint:

  1. Walk around in the new world until you find gravel.
  2. Hit it with your hands until you get Flint.
    2 3
  3. Get the Flint to a more rigid block, such as stone.
    1 6
  4. Equip it in your slot.
  5. Right-click the Flint on the block to break it down.
  6. You’ll get Flint Shards this way.
    3 3

We have a pro-tip: If you want to pick up all the items on the ground, you can crouch to get everything in your inventory. However, those who wish to be precise can simply right-click in the object, which leaves the other drops alone.

Crafting Flint Tools

Flint Shards are the resource you need for tools, like a Flint Knife. These Knives let you cut grass to make Plant String.

Let’s start with a Flint Knife. Find some leaves and follow this set of instructions to make one:

  1. Break the leaves down until you get some sticks.
    4 3
  2. Open your crafting grid.
    how to craft4
  3. Place one Flint Shard at the top-middle slot.
    1 109
  4. Put the stick in the space below.
    1 Copy 2
  5. Make a Flint Knife.
    5 3 1

Once you have a Flint Knife, you can start breaking down grass. Unlike standard Minecraft, your fists can’t destroy grass. You’ll have to rely on the Flint Knife for that.

Making a Flint Hatchet

Grass is everywhere unless you’re in the desert biome. With Flint Knife in hand, you can hit all the grass you want and make use of this plentiful resource. Eventually, you’ll get some Plant Fibers, essential for making Flint Hatchets.

Before you can make a Flint Hatchet, though, you’ll need Plant String. To craft it, follow these steps:

  1. Open your crafting menu.
    how to craft4
  2. Place the Plant Fibers in the top-left corner slot, top-middle slot, and middle-left slot.
    Crafting Plant String 1
  3. Craft the String.
    Crafting Plant String Copy
  4. Place the Plant String in your inventory.

After you have Plant String, you can make a Flint Hatchet easily. Here’s how:

  1. Place one Plant String at the top-left slot.
    Crafting Flint Hatchet Copy 1
  2. The Flint Shard goes to the space at its right.
    Crafting Flint Hatchet Copy 2
  3. Place a Stick below the Plant String.
    Crafting Flint Hatchet Copy 3

Now that you have a Flint Hatchet, you can make use of other resources in the environment. For example, you can’t cut trees down without one, and any crafting requiring wood will be out of your reach. That’s why getting a Flint Hatchet should be the first order of business.

Crafting Flint Hatchet

The First Tool

Without your first tools, it would be impossible to progress in RLCraft. The many mods can make getting used to the new systems challenging but don’t fret. With some playtime, you’ll get used to the complicated and yet entertaining mod pack.

Do you enjoy playing RLCraft? Did you know you needed Flint when you first played? Let us know in the comments section below.

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