How to Defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array in Genshin Impact



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A boss enemy is a war machine left behind by a lost ancient nation. With its cube-like form that reshapes every time it attacks, this enemy can be considered the mechanical version of the Hypostasis. It can also summon smaller machines to aid it in battle, but this war automaton does not belong to any element.

How to Defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array in Genshin Impact

This boss is located in ruin under Jinren Island. There are two (2) ways to get access to this boss, and for more details on it, please visit our guide on How to Unlock the Perpetual Mechanical Array.

The Perpetual Mechanical Array, a.k.a Perpetual Resonance SI/Ald, will do melee and laser attacks, dealing Physical damage to its targets.

pma elem atk 1 1

Since this enemy is a machine, it has a high resistance to Physical attacks. But, elemental attacks are 10% more effective against this boss, and when it gets paralyzed, its resistance to all elements will be reduced to 20%.


The Perpetual Mechanical Array can perform different attacks to damage anyone who trespasses its nest. We have listed these attack moves below to help you get familiar with them and give you confidence in your next boss hunt.

Sword Slash

The Perpetual Mechanical Array will take the form of a mechanical sword and do a single slash to you. The animation, when it transforms and the slow movement it does as it does, the slash will be your cue to dodge or move away.

pma sword

Spinning Slash

For this move, this boss will spin diagonally for a second and then swerve quickly in your direction. This one is also an easy to dodge attack.

pma spin

Rocket Strike

This boss can also transform into a rocket ship for this next attack. After transforming, it will charge its booster for a second and fly above.

A red laser light will then appear and follow you, spread into a wide AOE marking on the floor. This is where the Rocket will strike to deal a huge amount of damage.

Laser Strike

The Perpetual Mechanical Array will charge for the laser strike attack, and a red laser light will mark your spot and then spread out to an AOE mark on the floor.

The large laser will then strike the marked area.

You can quickly move away when the AOE mark appears to avoid getting hit.

Laser Beam

Another move is when this machine spreads its parts, and the one on the center will spin and charge. A few moments later, a laser beam will be shot continuously for around 3 seconds.

Cube Roll

If you are keeping a good distance from the Perpetual Mechanical Array, it will transform into a cube and roll towards you. The war machine will burst and do a large AOE damage when it is close enough to you.

Just make sure to keep moving until the cube does the burst attack and dodge at the exact moment to avoid getting hit.

Mechanics and Strategy

From time to time, the Perpetual Mechanical Array will enter an invincible state and summon four (4) enhanced Ruin Sentinels. Defeating these will for the Perpetual Mechanical Array into a weakened state or paralyzed.

One of the four Sentinels will have a seal around it and an HP bar. This will be the enhanced Ruin Sentinel, and you want to defeat this one as fast as you can.

pma minions 3

You can ignore all other Sentinels because defeating them will only remove them from the field, but the Perpetual Mechanical Array is still in its invincible state.

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