How to Get Skill Points in RLCraft


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If you’re a big fan of Minecraft and fantasy RPGs, RLCraft might be right up your alley. This bundle of more than 100 mods transforms Vanilla Minecraft into an expansive world of dragons and castles. Of course, you get new skills and powers, but how does one progress through them?

How to Get Skill Points in RLCraft

In RLCraft, there are various skills to help make your character stronger in combat and other aspects of the game. However, you need to get Skill Points before unlocking them. Fortunately, obtaining Skill Points isn’t tricky.


What Are Skill Points in RLCraft?

As their name suggests, Skill Points are a form of currency used to upgrade skills in RLCraft. While you start a game of RLCraft with some Skill Points, you’ll quickly find some skills to spend them on. The only way to gain Skill Points is to level up as you usually would in Minecraft.

The many ways to gain XP and level up in Minecraft are:

  • Killing mobs
  • Mining
  • Smelting or cooking
  • Breeding animals
  • Fishing
  • Using a Bottle o’ Enchanting

To gain more Skill Points, one has to keep playing the game. The more time you spend completing these activities, the easier it is to level up your skills in RLCraft.

Skills in RLCraft

There are two types of skills in RLCraft. The first type is the Proficiency Skill, while the second category includes Passive Skills. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Proficiency Skills

Most skills in RLCraft deal with item and equipment proficiency. Without a high enough proficiency level, you won’t be able to use better equipment. As such, we recommend leveling up your Proficiency Skills as soon as possible.

An example is the Iron Sword. You can obtain and keep one before reaching Level Eight in Attack, but you’re not allowed to use it in actual combat before you level up. Once you spend enough Skill Points to get Level Eight in your Attack skill, you can use one.

The Proficiency Skills in RLCraft are:

  • Farming
  • Agility
  • Defense
  • Building
  • Attack
  • Gathering
  • Magic
  • Mining
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All skills mentioned above deal with different items and equipment. The Gathering Skill allows you to use higher-tier fishing rods and axes, while Farming governs agricultural equipment and even crops.

Within each skill tree are several unique skills. These skills may have other requirements to unlock, typically reaching a certain level in other Proficiency Skills. You may have reached the requisite level of its parent skill tree, but you must also spend Skill Points elsewhere to unlock these abilities properly.

Typically, each Proficiency Skill has two of these skills or “traits.”

Passive Skills

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The other skills in RLCraft are Passive Skills. These abilities are lower in priority, but using Skill Points on Passive Skills is a good idea if you have extra lying around.

Unlocking Passive Skills will make surviving easier as the benefits range from increased mining yields to more increased attack. It’s still better to improve your Proficiency Skills to use upgraded weapons and gear first, but these bonuses are a great investment as well.

What Should I Focus On?

There are many skills to level up in RLCraft, and you’ll need to spend plenty of time doing so. When you have potent items at your disposal, your chances of survival will increase. Eventually, the dangerous world of RLCraft won’t be as much of a threat to you anymore.

What are your skills in RLCraft like right now? Do you enjoy this form of skill leveling? Let us know in the comments section below.

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