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Okay, so there are a few more days until the Roblox Egg Hunt 2020 festivity ends – April 28 is just around the corner. As you’re no doubt aware, you have to gather 29 eggs from a number of unique games. In fact, you’re probably sitting there, ready to pull your hair out, looking for the Flop egg. The mere mention of it makes you shudder!

How to Get the Flop Egg in Roblox

With the quest for the Flop egg being so annoying, let’s see how you can get this part of the Roblox Egg Hunt 2020.

Where It Appears

The first step towards finding the Fop egg is knowing where to look. Evident as that sounds, if you don’t want to know where to look for the Flop egg, you can just quit the upcoming festivity altogether.

If you want to stand a chance of finding the Flop egg, it appears in precise locations – under the traffic cone, in the hamster wheel, under the flowered hat on the bookshelf, and in the open cabinet upstairs.

Before embarking on the quest, you need to know these locations. Otherwise, you’re doomed to failure. It may be that you’ll find the Flop egg by accident, but don’t count on it.

roblox get flop egg

Cooking the Egg

If you think that finding the Flop egg is where your quest ends, you should definitely pay attention now. If you find the Flop egg and simply wait for April 28, you won’t complete the egg hunt event. There’s something else you need to do once you’ve found it to cross this annoying part of the hunt off the list.

No matter where you’ve found the Flop egg, you have to cook it and feed it to a kid to get the Roblox Egg Hunt 2020 achievement. So, you have to carry it into the kitchen.

Once you’re in the kitchen, bounce on the trampoline until you’ve managed to land on the counter. Then go to the frying pan, located on the stove, and cook the egg. Once the egg is in the pan, your troubles are over.

Unfortunately, getting onto the stove is much more difficult than it sounds. Just “bouncing until you get there” is in no way simple. You’re going to be in a constant battle with the camera and the awkward angles are going to make life very difficult.

This is the most annoying thing about the Flop egg. In theory, although it’s not as easy as capturing the Despacito spider thing in the High School, it’s definitely not the most challenging achievement. Well, at least that’s how the game designers envisaged it. Where some eggs can prove testing, they’re also a fun challenge to enjoy. The Flop is difficult for reasons that are outside your control.

Feeding the Egg

In order to complete the Flop egg challenge, you need to take it to the kid and feed it to him. Literally. The kid is located on the other side of the room – and you do not want to fall to the floor. You need to use the wire right next to the stove. The cable will then take you to the top of the refrigerator. Now here’s the risky part: you have to jump from the top of the fridge and land right on the table. If you do fall to the floor, you’re destined for more headaches.

Unfortunately, you’re probably going to end up on the floor more than once. If the camera angles and all the glitches don’t put you off the entire challenge, you’ll hopefully end up on the table. What you need to do now is climb the book and finally stuff the Flop egg in the kid’s mouth.

roblox flop egg

But that’s not where your troubles end. The kid keeps on chewing air and never stops, making it almost impossible to feed him the egg. Seriously, you’ll likely end up in the kid’s mouth before you’ve successfully fed him.

Fortunately, once you’ve done so, the challenge ends.

Other Eggs

Don’t let the Flop egg discourage you from finding the other 48 necessary for the challenge. Most eggs are fun to look for, and much easier to do. Here’s how to get a few of the other eggs.

iEgg 12 Max Pro

To kick things off, the iEgg 12 Max Pro achievement is very straightforward. First step, go across the map and locate a guy next to a van. If you talk to him, he’ll start the iEgg 12 Max Pro quest. Now, go to the terminal with a red arrow pointing downward. You’ll find one close to the van. The terminal will ask you to enter a sequence of 0s and 1s.

Use the terminal repeatedly until the egg is completed. When you’ve gathered all the fragments, you’ll get the iEgg12 Max Pro.

Tenteggcle Alien

Inside the Gravity Oasis theme park, pass through the entrance. The science guy will task you with retrieving the scrap. In order to get it, all you need to do is ride a roller coaster thrice. Don’t worry about which one you ride. You can even ride the same one three times. Now, go back to the scientist and you’ll see a pad next to him. Jump on it.

After you’re teleported, traverse the area and progress through the level. It’s all pretty easy and you’ll end up with a Tentaggcle Alien in no-time.

The Flop Egg Quest

As you can see, the Flop egg quest is much more annoying than other quests. By-and-large, this is because of the awkward, glitchy camera. The good news is that once you’re done with the Flop, the worst part of the Roblox Egg Hunt 2020 festivity is over. Hurry up, though, there are only a few days left until the event finishes.

Did you manage to get the Flop egg? How annoying was it? Was the Flop egg the last item on your quest list or the first one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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