Rocksmith Plus release date: 2022


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Rocksmith Plus is bringing about a major change in how Ubisoft handles the Rocksmith franchise. Previously, the company was putting out a release with a year attached to it. During the Ubisoft Forward stream, however, we learned Ubisoft wants to turn Rocksmith Plus into an ongoing subscription service. Gone are the one-off products. Instead, you’ll pay a yet-to-be-announced fee in order to get your Rocksmith fix. Which leads us to the question: What is the Rocksmith Plus release date? And how’s this all going to work?

Rocksmith Plus release date: 2022

Here’s what we know about Rocksmith Plus at the moment.

The Rocksmith Plus release date started with some complications

Back during 2021’s Ubisoft Forward event, the company hadn’t quite landed on a solid release date yet. All that we got word on was that Rocksmith Plus would come to PC sometime during summer 2021, while a console release would follow in “autumn.”

At the time, we imagined that Ubisoft was still working out the kinks of getting a live-service game (is it a game?) up off the ground. And since this title isn’t hugely different from the Rocksmith you can already use now, perhaps the company wasn’t too worried then about angering fans with the news.

The Rocksmith Plus release date is now sometime in 2022

Sadly, our hopes for seeing Rocksmith Plus launch in 2021 were dashed when the company sent out this tweet in September 2021.

Apparently the fears some fans had about Ubisoft translating the Rocksmith experience into a live service offering were warranted. The company needs some extra time to deliver something it thinks is worth of a subscription fee. As a result, the Rocksmith Plus release date has shifted into 2022.

Rocksmith Plus can now use your phone to listen

Getting previous versions of Rocksmith up and running had a tiny bit of friction, in that you needed to connect a cable to your guitar, and then connect that cable to the device you were using the software on. Fortunately, it appears Ubisoft has done away with the cable as your only option. Now you can connect your smartphone to Rocksmith Plus and use that to listen to the notes you’re playing. From there, it can tell you if you’re on track or if you need a bit more practice.

This is also pretty great because it opens Rocksmith Plus up to more guitar players whose instruments may not have an audio output (like some acoustics).

There’s a Rocksmith Plus beta you can sign up for now

Do you want to check out Rocksmith Plus before it becomes available more widely? If so, you’re in luck. Ubisoft is going to be running a closed beta on PC for the software. All you have to do is visit to sign up.

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