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Cyberpunk 2077 lets you romance multiple characters, including Panam Palmer.

How to Romance Panam in Cyberpunk 2077

Getting cool tech and becoming a cyber ninja isn’t the only great thing about Cyberpunk 2077. Like CDPR’s The Witcher, the game allows players to go through stories and enhance their relationships with other characters.

One character that V can romance in the game is Panam Palmer, and here’s a guide on exactly what choices to make to capture the heart of the former nomad.

Who’s Panam Palmer?

When V first meets Panam in the game, she’s an ex-nomad who is a member of the Aldecaldos clan. After a major disagreement with the clan’s leader, Saul, Panam moved out to Night City and became a merc.

Panam may have said goodbye to her nomad life, but she still has a soft spot for her old friends and family; besides, Night City doesn’t take so kindly to the more rugged lifestyle of the nomads.

Getting Started

First, Panam can only be romanced by a masculine V; regardless of voice and genitals, as long as V passes off as a man, the romance can push forward. Otherwise, Panam will just brush you off.

It will take a while to meet Panam in the game, and you’ll have to wait to meet her early into the second act. To meet her, you’ll have to trigger the Ghost Town mission at The Afterlife by talking with Rogue. Take note, you’ll have to give Rogue 15,000 Eurodollars first before she will connect you with Panam.

via: IGN/Youtube

Ghost Town

In Ghost Town, you’ll have to go on a mission to help Panam retrieve her stolen car. Make sure you take out Nash’s gang with Panam, and afterward, the both of you will find yourselves in a motel. V will then get the option to suggest sharing a room with Panam, which she’ll agree to because the motel only has twin beds in each room. You should then pick the option as V to say, “Not exactly what I meant,” which will not lead Panam to sleep with V but will start the flirtatious part of the relationship.

Lightning Breaks

There aren’t any relevant choices with the Lightning Breaks mission, but continuing your relationship with Panam throughout the game is necessary.

via: IGN/Youtube

Life During Wartime

After the moment in the mission where you rescue Mitch, ask Panam to help look for Hellman with you by choosing the option “I gotta get Hellman, will you help?”

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When you get to Hellman and Panam’s old clan mate Saul is there, stick up for Panam by choosing “It wasn’t Panam’s fault,” and she’ll thank you after the whole conversation, and this will open up the path to a romance.

Riders on the Storm

Twelve in-game hours after the last mission with Panam, she’ll give you a call to ask you to help rescue Saul. Say yes, since the mission does have a chance to expire.

Instead of traveling alone, choose to travel with Panam to Saul. Once you shoot (or don’t) your way out of the camp and rescue Saul, you will lay low inside a house to escape a sandstorm. Saul and Panam will converse, and you must side with Panam. Then, you can ask Panam to take off her shoes and relax, in which she’ll put her legs on your lap.

via: IGN/Youtube

You will then have the option to touch Panam’s thigh or say, “You choose,”—either option with the hand symbol on it will help further the romance.

via: IGN/Youtube

With a Little Help from My Friends

Panam will call again after another 12 in-game hours and mention she has another problem with Saul. You must meet her at Aldecaldo’s nomad camp to start the mission.

At the control tower, V will converse with Panam about wanting to take things slowly, and V should agree with her. There will then be the option to Touch Panam’s hand, which you should pick.

via: IGN/Youtube

At some point, Saul will also send you a message looking for Panam, and you must say, “No idea.”

You will then have to sit around the campfire of nomads with Panam, and you will have to choose the option to ‘Scooch closer’ to her (which will have a hand icon). V will then put her arm around her and say he’s heading to bed.

via: IGN/Youtube

Queen of the Highway

This is the last mission to solidify the romance with Panam and will only include two decisions.

After the With a Little Help from My Friends mission, you must leave the camp area and wait until the next day to receive a call from Panam, who will tell you that the Basilisk is ready and that you must return to the camp.

At some point, V and Panam will find themselves inside the Basilisk and have to synchronize their bodies. This will then give you the option to Let Panam touch you, which is indicated by the lips icon next to the decision.

Things will get pretty intimate, but many enemies will then interrupt you. After you return to the camp, there will be a short talk with Saul and Mitch. Follow Panam, and she’ll tell you that she will help you in any way she can; this will then allow for the final option to choose to Kiss Panam.

Panam Ending

After successfully romancing Panam in Cyberpunk 2077, you will receive the Life on the Road achievement for V. During the final mission, you’ll have the option to have Panam and the rest of the Aldecaldos join you in infiltrating Mikoshi.

After completing the mission, V can leave Night City behind and live the rest of his life as a Nomad with the Aldecaldos.

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