Runescape: Backpack Unavailable | How to Fix


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Even though an older MMORPG, this game is still amazingly popular throughout the world. Long-time players have lived through a lot of glitches and bugs, but it seems there is one which is most infamous.

Runescape: Backpack Unavailable | How to Fix

After bugs like the Falador Massacre, Noclip glitch, Partyhat duplication glitch, and many more, it seems like this MMORPG has had its fair share of those. But is backpack unavailable a glitch or a common misconception.

Well, we set out to find that out, so let’s get right to it.

Backpack Unavailable – Runescape

unavailable backpack rs

Sometimes when playing Runescape you might have your backpack and equipment menu temporarily unavailable.

Most players are puzzled as to why this happens, and its usually new players who are the most confused. However, to pinpoint why this happens, you must ask when does it happen?

The backpack unavailable “bug” is a normal occurrence, i.e. it’s intentional game design, and not so much a bug.

Like I said, most new players will be confused. It’s a poor game design choice, but old Runescape players have become familiar with it.

The backpack is unavailable every time you open up a trade. Instead of transferring item directly from you backpack, you need to use the new interface that is open on the right side of the trading interface.

This is to showcase only the items which are available to trade. As for the equipment, that’s pretty self-explanatory since you can’t trade equipped items.

You must unequip those before trading. If you don’t have any items in the small item menu on the right-side of the trading interface, then it seems like you don’t have any items available for trade.

This can also happen when opening your bank or similar interfaces where moving items is a necessity. I hope we’ve made some things clearer, for all of you new Runescape players out there.

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