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Satisfactory has made some ground, which no one has in the first-person gaming world. It is a much-known game, and it’s slowly gaining popularity. And all of this is rightfully earned.

Satisfactory : How To Get Wood

Satisfactory is an open-world first-person game. It offers vast advancing capabilities. You build factories and grow for the future.

Furthermore, to advance, you need materials, a lot of them. So, players can gather resources and build their small or massive factories, either on earth or other planets. A common material that is needed at the start of the game is wood. See below on how to get wood in Satisfactory.

How To Get Wood In Satisfactory

Wood is unlocked almost at the start of the game and can be used immediately. You can have stacks of wood of up to 100. When you burn it, you can expect burning times from half a second to 3.5 seconds based on how far you have progressed in the game.

The stack burning times can vary more, but you can expect x100 times based on how fast it takes to burn one log or wood.

There is no secret formula or a specific location to find wood. Because it is a common item, it can be found all around the world. It can be harvested from trees and bushes. It can also be picked up from the ground.

Wood is essential in Satisfactory because it can make Biomass, which is a type of fuel for the Burners or vehicles. It can be further processed to produce more energy-efficient and clean Solid Biofuel, a fuel used to power the chainsaw.

Lastly, it can be used to get charcoal. Charcoal can be used in more traditional machinery. Have fun, builder!

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