Savathun’s Song: The creepy tune that keeps popping up in Destiny 2


Shawn Farner

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Destiny 2 has been pulling a fast one on all of us for quite a while now, and it can all be traced back to — and will eventually lead into — the Witch Queen herself, Savathun. For those who don’t pay much attention to lore, Savathun is the sister of Oryx, and the source of much of our Hive-related troubles since we downed Oryx in Destiny‘s The Taken King. Savathun is known for her cunning and her tricks, which may be why you can’t get Savathun’s Song (not to be confused with the Strike of the same name) out of your head.

Savathun's Song: The creepy tune that keeps popping up in Destiny 2

What is Savathun’s Song, you ask? You’ve undoubtedly heard it numerous times, perhaps without making the connection that the tune you’re hearing is the same one, just appearing in a different context. Here it part of it, for instance, at the opening screen of Destiny 2‘s Shadowkeep expansion.

Here is Lord Shaxx singing a song with it during the Devil’s Ruin Questline. It is his recollection that Eris hummed these notes to him.

Eris, however, was pretty shocked to hear this. She immediately identified the song and where it came from, and sensed Shaxx learning it might have something to do with the large Ahamkara skull he keeps near his place in the Tower.

Here’s Crow in the Helm whistling the little ditty as he stands around.

And here is Lakshmi-2 during Season of the Splicer, relaying a song the people are singing in the Last City. If the people are singing this song, this is very, very not good.

So why is this so terrible? Why is it awful news that so many have seemingly gotten this little earworm stuck in their brains? Because Savathun — ever cunning — uses the song almost like a virus to take over hosts. Eris in fact calls it a “viral chant.” That means you can probably consider whoever knows the tune infected or corrupted, though to what degree is anybody’s guess.

As we move toward The Witch Queen expansion early next year, you are likely going to see Savathun’s Song play an even bigger role, particularly with those the song has locked onto. They may start acting in ways that don’t fit them, or make suggestions that seem fine and good, but actually push toward an outcome that Savathun would like to see occur rather than one that’ll keep the protection of humanity and the Last City front and center.

We’re heading into very interesting times thanks to Savathun’s Song. While we’ve yet to meet the Witch Queen ourselves, some of us are already very familiar with this part of her. How the rest will present itself — and what events will unfold as a result — remain to be seen.

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