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The apex pirate in Sea of Thieves receives the title of Pirate Legend. Besides a host of rewards, players who reach this coveted rank gain access to some incredible perks. It sounds fantastic, but how do you get to Pirate Legend?

How to Get Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves

Obtaining the title of Pirate Legend can take a long time, as there’s plenty of voyages to go on and treasures to sell. The key to becoming the apex pirate is gaining Reputation, and both voyages and treasures let you earn it.

Pirate Legend Requirements

There are only two main requirements to attain the title of Pirate Legend. You must first reach Level 50 in three Trading Companies. There are several more Trading Companies in the game, but as long as you meet the level requirement, whichever you choose doesn’t matter.

The next course of action is to purchase all their offered Promotions. These are titles themselves, part of the road to Pirate Legend. Once you reach Level 50, you can buy the requisite Promotions.

Some Trading Companies have levels beyond 50, but they aren’t necessary to attain the coveted title.

Becoming a Pirate Legend

Once you meet the requirements, head to any Tavern. When you arrive, look for the Mysterious Stranger. He has glowing eyes and a wooden leg, making him easy to spot.

Once you locate him, follow these instructions:

  1. Talk to the Mysterious Stranger.
  2. Learn the Shanty of Legends.
  3. Play the Shanty in the Tavern.
  4. Look for the glowing symbol on the ground.
  5. Fall down the opening.
  6. Gain access to the Athena’s Fortune Hideout.
  7. From now on, you’re a Pirate Legend.

In the future, you can return to the Hideout and take advantage of the many services available inside.

Pirate Legend Rewards and Perks

Once you become a Pirate Legend, you’ll be able to get some sweet loot found nowhere else. For many players, the rewards make the long grind worth the trouble. Other than the title and bragging rights, you’ll receive the following:

  • Legendary Set Clothes and Vanity items

These clothes and items are free to obtain. You only have to use the Clothing and Vanity Chests nearby. Other sets aren’t free and have to be bought in the game.

  • Access to the Hideout

Once you’re a Pirate Legend, you can come back to the Hideout any time you wish. Here, you can buy Athena’s Fortune Voyages or Emissary Flags. Both allow access to precious Treasure and loot.

The Athena’s Fortune Hideout Shopkeepers will also sell cosmetics such as the Ghost Set and Dark Adventurers Set. They cost a pretty penny, which means some is saving up is on the horizon. However, you’ll have to unlock them by gaining Reputation first.

  • Legendary Titles and Commendations

Athena’s Fortune is a Trading Company with its own Reputation progression. These Commendations are rewards after completing incredible feats as part of the company’s Emissary, and earning Commendations results in unlocking items for purchase or Titles.

  • Legendary pet cosmetics

You can buy Pet Outfits from the Pirate Emporium, but a few are locked behind the rank of Pirate Legend and Ghost. The former only requires you to attain its namesake rank, but the latter requires Rank 20 with Athena’s Fortune.

The Best Pirate of the Seas

The Ghostly members of the Athena’s Fortune Trading Company won’t let you down. Once you attain the title of Pirate Legend, you’ll get access to all their offerings. You might have to play the game for many hours, but it’s not time wasted.

How long did you play before getting to Pirate Legend? Are the rewards worth the grind? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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