How to Move Houses in Animal Crossing New Horizons



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Being able to design and layout an island complete with residents the way you want it is perhaps the main feature of Animal Crossing. You get to choose the villagers for your island, develop a theme, and even modify the island’s geographic features.

How to Move Houses in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Sometimes you might make a mistake with the layout or just came up with a new idea on where to place and position things. One of these is homes, including your own and of the island residents’. There is no need to worry because you can also move houses. All you need is to follow the steps and requirements that are listed below.

If you want to relocate a villager’s home, talking to them directly is not the answer. The person you need to go to is Tom Nook.

Go to the Residents Services and tell Tom Nook that you want to talk about infrastructures and layout changes.

He will ask you what building you want to move. Select “An island home” from the choices since you want a resident’s home to be relocated.

move island home

A list of the residents will then be shown, and you need to select whose house you want relocated.

move select villager

After making your choice, Tom Nook will contact that villager so you three can all discuss your request.

Of course, that villager will agree because they trust you.

Like all other transactions with Tom Nook, moving houses is not free of charge, and this one requires you to pay 50,000 Bells.

The task of choosing a spot where you want the said villager to move their home to will be left to you. Tom Nook will hand you a moving kit, which you can use to mark your chosen area.

Moving an island home will take a day, and you can only move one house each day.

If you want to rearrange multiple houses, you can move villagers to temporary areas, but you can only move one house each day. You can time travel if you do not want to wait another day to have all houses moved.

This is the same process if you want to move other buildings like the Nook’s Cranny, the Island Museum, and even your own home. They also cost the same.

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