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Seven Knights Hero Tier List

Best Seven Knights Hero Tier List [6 Star]

With the awesome help of the koreans, I was able to compile the tier list for Seven Knights. Check out the table below. The original data can be found here thanks to the community. Keep in mind some heroes are new and have yet to be tested out, so it is left blank until it is tested and used! They are also graded based on performance in adventure mode, easy siege, normal siege, arena, tower, dragon and boss raids.

NameOriginTM RewardDescription
RainFF BE--
LasswellFF BE--
FinaFF BE--
RizerFF BEHP +10%-
LeahFF BEBanishLight magic damage (1.2x) to one enemy
TronnFF BEFiraFire magic damage (1.4x) to all enemies
EldinFF BEPilferSteal gil from one enemy
BaurgFF BEStorePhysical damage (+0.8x per usage, 1.6x max) to one enemy and increase damage taken (50%) to caster
GimleeFF BEAimPhysical damage (1.2x) to one enemy
MaxellFF BEPower ShotPhysical damage (1.2x) to one enemy
LizaFF BELullabySleep (30%) to all enemies
WedgeFF 6Fire BeamFire magic damage (1.2x) to one enemy
BiggsFF 6Blizzard BeamIce magic damage (1.2x) to one enemy
PaulFF 2EscapeEscape battle
AnastasisFF 12RegenHeal (400HP, 2x) for 3 turns to one ally
SarahFF 1PaeanHeal while singing for 3 turns to all allies
King GiottFF 4Stone KillerIncrease damage against stone monsters (50%)
ShikiFF BETranquilityPhysical damage (1.2x) to one enemy
MizellFF BEDeprotectDecrease DEF (20%) for 3 turns to one enemy
RonaldoFF BEDrain BladeHybrid damage (1.4x) and physical damage (0.8x) with HP drain (30%) to one enemy
MelFF BEDrinkAllows use of drinkable items.
ViviFF 9FiragaFire magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies
PeneloFF 12Equip S SwordAllow use of short swords
MariaFF 2EsunaCure all status effects to one ally
SabinFF 6CounterCounter physical attacks (30%)
ShadowFF 6ThrowAllow use of throwable items
KrileFF 5ThundagaLightning magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies
KainFF 4GungnirSpear - Atk +90
EdgarFF 6Machine KillerIncrease damage against mechanical monsters (50%)
FranFF 12CleanseCure disease to one ally
ShantottoFF 11MAG +30%-
RydiaFF 4BlizzagaIce magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies
CyanFF 6EvadeChance to negate physical damage taken (10%)
ClyneFF BECoverChance to take physical damage for ally (5%)
AnzelmFF BEDrainMagic damage (0.8x) with HP drain (30%) to one enemy
LunaFF BEBarrageFour physical damage (3.2x) to random enemies
BedileFF BEThundaga BladeLightning hybrid damage (1.8x) to one enemy
GarlandFF 1Equip L SwordAllow use of long swords
ExdeathFF 5HolyLight magic damage (2.3x) to one enemy
KujaFF 9FlareMagic damage (2.3x) and decrease water resistance (30%) for 3 turns to one enemy
Cloud of DarknessFF 3Auto-LimitIncrease LB gauge (1) each turn
CecilFF 4ExcaliburLong Sword - Atk+120 and Light Element
TerraFF 6UltimaMagic damage (2.8x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies
Magitek Armor TerraFF 6--
BartzFF 5DoublehandIncrease equipment ATK (50%) when single wielding sword, katana, axe, or hammer
FirionFF 2Equip H ArmorAllow use of heavy armors
ZidaneFF 9Dual WieldAllow use of weapons in both hands
VaanFF 12Maximilian-
DuaneFF BEBioga BladeDark hybrid damage (1.8x) and poison (40%) to one enemy
CeriusFF BEMiracle ShoesAccessory - Auto-Protect, Auto-Shell, Auto-Regen
RoseliaFF BEEquip StaffAllow use of staves
MediusFF BEGrowth EggIncrease experience (50%)
SaraiFF BESilence DanceHybrid damage (1.2x) and silence (30%) to one enemy
PaulaFF BEStonraEarth magic damage (1.4x) to all enemies
KenyuFF BERaging FistPhysical damage (1.2x) with ignore DEF (25%) to one enemy
OllieFF BEAquan KillerIncrease damage against aquatic monsters (50%)
CarrieFF BESunbeamMagic damage (1.2x) and blind (30%) to all enemies
SkahaFF BEDragon KillerIncrease damage against dragons (50%)
MontanaFF BECamouflageDecrease likeliness of being targeted (50%)
RussellFF BEBladeblitzPhysical damage (1.4x) to all enemies
MiyukiFF BESakurafubukiKatana - Atk +98
GolbezFF 4MeteorMagic damage (2.5x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies
GalufFF 5CometMagic damage (1.6x) with consecutive damage increase (0.1x) to one enemy
XiaoFF BEKaiser KnucklesFist - Atk +101
ArtemiosFF BEEquip BowAllow use of bows
LockeFF 6Rising SunThrowing - Atk +107
LeoFF 6Aegis ShieldHeavy Shield - Def+53, Spr+25
GilbertFF BEDream HarpMusic Instrument - Atk+76, Mag+41
CelesFF 6Minerva BustierArmor - Def+47, Spr+45, Resistance: Fire (+30%), Ice (+30%), Lightning (+30%), Wind (+30%)
KefkaFF 6RibbonAccessory - Mag+5, Spr+5, Nullify all status ailments
RakshasaFF BEHoly Blade-


  • Ranking: SS > S+ > S > S- > A+ > A > A- > B+ > B > B- > C
  • No Rank = Bad or not viable
  • Overall Score -> The higher the better
  • Raid Boss – Battle position recommendations -> Front or Rear
NameFusion ParentsHealth LV26Speed Lv26Armor Lv26Damage Lv26CriticalBasic1st Ability2nd Ability3rd Ability4th Ability
ALLOSAURUS45001040%165020%Defense Shattering StrikeArmor Piercing Impact
ALLOSINOSAURUSAllosaurus lv15, Sinoceratops lv15450010615%142020%Armor Piercing StrikeArmor Piercing ImpactArmor Piercing RampageInstant Charge
AMARGADOPOSAURUS480010740%850StrikeDecelerating ImpactSlowing Impact
AMARGASAURUS53101030%10605%Pinning StrikeDecelerating ImpactSlowing Impact
AMARGOCEPHALUSAmargasaurus lv10, Euoplocephalus lv10429010440%8505%Vulnerability StrikeImpactInstant InvincibilityDecelerating ImpactCounter - Attack 0.5 Passive
ANKYLOCODONOphiacodon lv5, Ankylosaurus Gen2 lv5390010725%80020%Armor Piercing StrikeDecelerating ImpactShort DefenseArmor Piercing ImpactImmunity Passive
ANKYLOSAURUS480011630%9805%Vulnerability StrikeLong ProtectionInstant Invincibility
ANKYLOSAURUS GEN2471011225%10005%Vulnerability StrikeLong Protection
ANKYNTROSAURUSAnkylosaurus lv15, Kentrosaurus lv15471011530%10005%Nullifying StrikeThagomizerInstan InvincibilityInstant CrippleCounter - Attack 0.5 Passive
APATOSAURUS66001010%8205%Pinning StrikeDecelerating Impact
ARGENTINOSAURUS51001020%8205%Pinning StrikeDecelerating ImpactRampage
BARYONYX37501240%130020%armor Piercing StrikeReady to crushDefense shattering rampage
BARYONYX GEN239001230%124020%Armor Piercing StrikeReady to crushDefense shattering rampage
BLUE300013110%11505%StrikePounceShort Defense
BRACHIOSAURUS600011110%10505%Superiority StrikeBellowRampage
CARNOTAURUS40501040%9005%Vulnerability StrikeShort DefenseCleansing ImpactCounter - Attack Passive
CHARLIE21001290%13805%StrikePounceCritical Impact
CONCAVENATOR36901060%10505%Pinning StrikeShort DefenseArmor Piercing ImpactCounter - Attack Passive
DEINOCHEIRUS30001300%12805%Minimal Speedup StrikeRampage
DELTA24001310%13005%StrikePounceImpact and Run
DILOPHOSAURUS37501240%11505%Nullifying StrikeDistracting ImpactNullifying Impact
DILOPHOSAURUS GEN230001210%13205%Nullifying StrikeDistracting Impact
DILORANOSAURUSDilophosaurus lv15, Ouranosaurus lv1542001260%14005%Superiority StrikeDistracting ImpactGreater Stunning RampageGreater Stunning RampageImpact and Run
DIMETRODON42001130%10005%Defense Shattering StrikeDefense Shattering ImpactCritical ImpactImmunity Passive
DIMETRODON GEN242001120%10005%Defense Shattering StrikeArmor Piercing RampageImmunity Passive
DIORAJASAURRajakylosaurus lv20, Tuojiangosaurus lv20366010625%9005%Pinning StrikeShort DefenseDistracting StrikeInstant InvincibilityCounter - Attack Passive
DIPLOCAULUS30001240%12505%Nullifying StrikeDistracting Impact
DIPLOCAULUS GEN245001220%11305%Nullifying StrikeDistracting ImpactInstant Cripple
DIPLOTATORDiplocaulus lv5, Irritator Gen2 lv548001200%10005%Armor Piercing StrikeReady to CrushDistracting StrikeDefense Shattering Impact
DRACOREX37201240%12205%Minor Stunning StrikeStrike and RunInstant Charge
DRACOREX GEN239901190%12005%Low Stunning StrikeImpact and Run
ECHO24901260%13705%StrikePounceNullifying Impact
EDMONTOSAURUS49201090%10205%Superiority StrikeGreater Stunning StrikeStrike and Run
EINIASUCHUSEiniosaurus lv5, Nundasuchus lv5366011720%13005%Minimal Stunning StrikeStunning ImpactAdrenaline PulseFerocious Strike
EINIOSAURUS444011415%13005%Minimal Stunning StrikeStunning Impact
ERLIDOMINUSErlikosaurus lv20, Indominus Rex lv2030001250%14005%Minimal Speedup StrikeRampageStrike and RunCloakimmunity Passive
ERLIKOSAURUS30901280%14005%Minimal Speedup StrikeRampageStrike and Run
ERLIKOSAURUS GEN228501290%12805%Minimal Speedup StrikeRampageDebilitating Distraction
EUOPLOCEPHALUS450011240%9505%Vulnerability StrikeImpact
GALLIMIMUS19501240%12005%Evasive StrikeImpact and RunImmunity Passive
GIGASPIKASAURNodopatosaurus lv15, Amargasaurus lv15480010740%8105%Pinning StrikeDecelerating ImpactArmor Piercing ImpactShort ImpactCounter - Attack 0.5 Passive
GIRAFFATITAN576010710%100010%Superiority StrikeBellowRampage
GORGOSAURUS39001020%155020%Defense Shattering StrikeDefense shattering ImpactFerocious Strike
GORGOSUCHUSGorgosaurus lv10, Kaprosuchus lv1036001200%136020%Defense Shattering StrikeFerocious StrikeDefense Shattering RampageAdrenaline Surge
GRYPOSUCHUS420011620%100020%Vulnerability StrikeLockdown ImpactFerocious Strike
IGUANODON49201140%10505%Superiority StrikeGreater Stunning Strike
INDOMINUS REXTyrannosaurus Rex lv15, Velociraptor lv1542001070%120020%Armor Piercing StrikeArmor Piercing ImpactArmor Piercing RampageCloakImmunity Passive
INDORAPTORIndominus Rex lv20, Velociraptor lv2037501280%140020%Armor Piercing StrikeCleansing ImpactDefense Shattering RampageEvasive Stance
IRRITATOR48001230%10305%Armor Piercing StrikeReady to CrushDefense Shattering Impact
IRRITATOR GEN246501240%100020%Armor Piercing StrikeReady to Crush
KAPROSUCHUS45001230%10005%StrikeFerocious StrikeCleansing Impact
KENTROSAURUS40501200%12105%Superiority StrikeThagomizerInstant CrippleCounter - Attack 0.5 Passive
KOOLASUCHUS45001230%10005%Nullifying StrikeDistracting StrikeSlowing Impact
KOOLASUCHUS GEN242901200%15005%Nullifying StrikeDistracting strikeInstant Cripple
LIMNOSCELIS GEN225501070%870
LYTHRONAX40501040%8905%Pinning StrikeLong ProtectionCounter - Attack Passive
MAGNAPYRITORDimetrodon lv20, Pyrritator lv2031501280%132020%Defense Shattering StrikeNullifying ImpactArmor Piercing ImpactDefense Shattering RampageImmunity Passive
MAJUNDASUCHUSMajungasaurus lv5, Nundasuchus lv533601080%9005%Pinning StrikeShort DefenseFerocious StrikeCleansing ImpactCounter - Attack Passive
MAJUNGASAURUS39301050%8605%Pinning StrikeShort DefenseCounter - Attack Passive
MEGALOSAURUS40501050%9505%Pinning StrikeShort DefenseImpactCounter - Attack Passive
MEGALOSUCHUSGorgosuchus lv15, Megalosaurus lv1545001150%10005%Pinning StrikeFerocious StrikeCritical ImpactShort DefenseCounter - Attack Passive
MONOLOPHOSAURUS30001270%11105%Nullifying StrikeDistracting RampageDistracting Strike
MONOLOPHOSAURUS GEN230001260%120005%Nullifying StrikeSlowing Impact
MONOMIMUSGallimimus lv15, Monolophosaurus lv1535101290%12305%Nullifying StrikeEvasive StanceNullifying ImpactDistracting ImpactImmunity Passive
MONOSTEGOTOPSStegoceratops lv15, Monolophosaurus lv15420011730%130020%Nullifying StrikeStunning ImpactNullifying ImpactSlowing Impact
NODOPATOSAURUSApatosaurus lv10, Nodosaurus lv10480010625%8005%Pinning StrikeDecelerating ImpactArmor Piercing ImpactShort DefenseCounter - Attack Passive
NODOSAURUS450011525%10505%Vulnerability StrikeArmor Piercing ImpactShort Defense
NUNDASUCHUS30001280%14405%StrikeFerocious Strike
OPHIACODON42001070%110040%Armor Piercing StrikeArmor Piercing RampageImmunity Passive
ORNITHOMIMUS282013125%120020%Evasive StrikeImpact and RunInstant CrippleImmunity Passive
OURANOSAURUS48301140%10505%Superiority StrikeGreater Stunning RampageImpact and Run
PARAMOLOCHParasaurolophus lv15, Stygimoloch lv1548001210%10005%Low Stunning StrikeRampage and RunInstant ChargeGreating Stunning Strike
PARASAUROLOPHUS49801130%10505%Superiority StrikeImpact and Run
POSTIMETRODONPostosuchus lv10, Dimetrodon lv1042001240%10005%Defense Shattering StrikeFerocious StrikeDefense Shattering ImpactAdrenaline SurgeImmunity Passive
POSTOSUCHUS36001250%12605%StrikeFerocious StrikeAdrenaline Pulse
PROCERATOSAURUS30001250%12605%Nullifying StrikeDistractig ImpactSlowing Impact
PURUSSAURUS420011210%10005%Vulnerability StrikeLockdown ImpactFerocious Impact
PURUSSAURUS GEN2390011110%100020%Vulnerability StrikeLockdown Impact
PYRRITATORPyroraptor lv15, Irritator lv1530001280%13505%Armor Piercing StrikeDistracting RampageArmor Piercing RampageReady to Crush
RAJAKYLOSAURUSRajasaurus lv15, Ankylosaurus lv15480010430%8905%Pinning StrikeLong ProtectionExtended Critical StrikeInstant InvincibilityCounter - Attack Passive
RAJASAURUS41101040%91020%Pinning StrikeLong ProtectionExtended Critical StrikeCounter - Attack Passive
SARCORIXISSarcosuchus lv10, Einiasuchus lv10390011515%104020%Armor Piercing StrikeLockdown ImpactFerocious StrikeGreater Stunning Impact
SARCOSUCHUS420011010%10005%Vulnerability StrikeLockdown Impact
SECODONTOSAURUS33901140%12105%Defense Shattering StrikeDefense Shattering RampageCritical ImpactImmunity Passive
SINOCERATOPS375011625%11505%StrikeWounding StrikeExploit Wound
SPINOSAURUS40501220%12005%StrikeWounding StrikeExploit Wound
SPINOSAURUS GEN239001220%12505%StrikeLethal WoundRampage
SPINOTAHRAPTORSpinosaurus lv10, Utahraptor lv1027001260%13305%StrikeWounding ImpactDistracting RampageCritical Impact
SPINOTASUCHUSSpinotahraptor lv15, Kaprosuchus lv1537501290%115020%StrikeWounding StrikeAdrenaline SurgeHigh Counter - Attack
STEGOCERATOPSTriceratops lv10, Stegosaurus lv10465011520%13005%Minimal Stunning StrikeStunning ImpactSlowing ImpactGreater Stunning Strike
STEGODEUSStegosaurus lv15, Nodopatosaurus lv15525010730%10305%Superiority StrikeThagomizerShort DefenseArmor Piercing Rampage
STEGOSAURUS405011615%11805%Superiority StrikeThagomizer
STYGIMOLOCH36901290%12405%Minor Stunning StrikeImpact and RunInstant Charge
STYGIMOLOCH GEN238101280%12005%Minimal Stunning StrikeImpact and Run
SUCHOMIMUS45001150%10005%StrikeLethal Wound
SUCHOTATORSuchomimus lv5, Irritator Gen2 lv548001160%100020%Superiority StrikeLethal WoundNullifying ImpactInstant Cripple
TANYCOLAGREUS32101300%15005%Armor Piercing StrikeNullifying Impact
TARBOSAURUS42001110%10505%Superiority StrikeGreater Stunning StrikeDistracting Strike
TENONTOSAURUS49201110%10505%Superiority StrikeGreater Stunning StrikeDistracting Strike
TRAGODISTISAmargocephalus lv15, Parasauroplophus lv15361012440%9005%Superiority StrikeRampageLong InvincibilityGreater Stunning StrikeCounter - Attack 0.5 Passive
TRICERATOPS393011620%12205%Minor Stunning StrikeStunning ImpactGreater Stunning Strike
TRICERATOPS GEN2360011310%12605%Low Stunning StrikeRampage
TRYKOSAURUSTyranosaurus Rex lv20, Ankyntrosaurus lv20450010230%166020%Defense Shattering StrikeArmor Piercing RampageDefense Shattering RampageInstant InvincibilityCounter - Attack 0.5 Passive
TRYOSTRONIXBaryonyx lv15, Postimetrodon lv1539101200%101020%Armor Piercing StrikeReady to CrushDefense Shattering RampageFerocious StrikeImmunity Passive
TUOJIANGOSAURUS45001120%10005%Superiority StrikeThagomizerDistracting StrikeCounter - Attack 0.5 Passive
TUORAMOLOCHParamoloch lv20, Tuojiangosaurus lv2045001260%14005%
TYRANNOSAURUS REX42001020%172030%Armor Piercing StrikeDefense Shattering ImpactDefense Shattering Rampage
TYRANNOSAURUS REX GEN242001040%170020%Armor Piercing StrikeArmor Piercing ImpactArmor Piercing Rampage
UTAHRAPTOR23701280%13505%StrikePounceCritical Impact
UTAHRHINOSAURUS300012615%1350StrikePounceHigh Counter - Attack
UTARINEXDracorex lv20, Utasinoraptor lv2042001260%12305%Low Stunning StrikeImpact and RunDistracting RampageInstant Charge
UTASINORAPTORUtahraptor lv15, Sinoceratops lv15300012615%13705%Low Stunning StrikeDistracting ImpactCritical ImpactInstant Charge
WUERHOSAURUS450011515%13005%Superiority StrikeThagomizerInstant Cripple
NameIconStatsHow to obtain
Iron GlovesIron GlovesDEF+5Purchase: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Recipe: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Chest: Grandshelt Catacombs - Exploration
Power WristPower WristATK+5Recipe: Quest - A Fresh Idea
Silver ArmletSilver ArmletDEF+3, MP+15Reward: Quest - Danger Erupts
Cat's BellCats BellDEF+1, MP+20
Effect: HP recovery when walking
Recipe: 20 Trophies cleared
Silver GlassesSilver GlassesDEF+3
Resistance: Nullify Blind
Chest: Town of Mitra
Resistance: Nullify Sleep
Chest: Dalnakya Cavern - Exploration
White CapeWhite CapeDEF+3
Resistance: Nullify Silence
Chest: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Black ChokerBlack ChokerDEF+3
Resistance: Nullify Confusion
Reward: Earth Key - Ordol Port
Gold AnkletGold AnkletDEF+3
Resistance: Nullify Petrification
Reward: Earth Key - Port City Lodin
Fairy RingFairy RingDEF+3
Resistance: Nullify Poison, Nullify Blind
Reward: Colosseum - Beginner A-2
Fire RingFire RingDEF+2
Resistance: Fire+5%
Recipe: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Chest: Ordol Port
Spark RingSpark RingDEF+2
Resistance: Lightning+5%
Chest: Port City Lodin
Water RingWater RingDEF+2
Resistance: Water+5%
Recipe: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Chest: Dalnakya Cavern - Exploration
Gale RingGale RingDEF+2
Resistance: Wind+5%
Chest: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Earth RingEarth RingDEF+2
Resistance: Earth+5%
Recipe: Royal Capital Grandshelt
RibbonRibbonMAG+5, SPR+5
Resistance: Nullify all status effects
Trust: Kefka
Mythril GlovesMythril GlovesDEF+6
Effect: Protect (30%) when HP below 10%
Reward: Colosseum - Intermediate B-2
Protect RingProtect RingDEF+8
Effect: Protect (30%) when HP below 10%
Recipe: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Barrier RingBarrier RingSPR+8
Effect: Shell (30%) when HP below 10%
Recipe: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Regen RingRegen RingHP+80
Effect: Regen when HP below 10%
Reward: Colosseum - Intermediate D-2
Moon BracerMoon BracerEffect: Auto-Shell (20%)Reward: Colosseum - Beginner S-4
Hero's RingHeros RingATK+10%, MAG+10%, DEF+3, SPR+3Recipe: 30 Trophies cleared
Miracle ShoesMiracle ShoesEffect: Auto-Protect, Auto-Shell, Auto-RegenTrust: Cerius
Growth EggGrowth EggEffect: x1.5 ExperienceTrust: Medius
Angel RingAngel RingDEF+3, SPR+3
Effect: Auto-Regen
Reward: Colosseum - Intermediate S-4
Wall RingWall RingDEF+1
Effect: Protect/Shell (30%) when HP below 10%
Reward: Colosseum - Intermediate A-3

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