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There are plenty of ways to lose a Sim in The Sims 4. Some of these comical deaths can bring amusement to players. Others would be frustrated over the fact that they haven’t saved their progress for the last hour or so, and accidentally killing a Sim is just not what they need at the moment. Before you start looking for cheat codes, try doing these fun and effective methods to bring your deceased Sim back to life.

The Sims 4: How to Bring Sims Back to Life

Using Ambrosia

The most effective way to bring Sims back from the dead — well, aside from using mods or cheats, is by making them eat Ambrosia. Ambrosia is a dish made from rare, freshly picked ingredients. A dish this potent can only be cooked by a professional Gourmet chef. However, getting all the ingredients is perhaps the hardest part of making Ambrosia.

Making Ambrosia has a long and tricky procedure, thus, you can let your Ghost Sim roam around aimlessly in your house for a while as your alive and well Sim does all your bidding:

  1. Improve your Gardening Skill

Level up your Gardening Skill to level 5 to learn how to graft. Grafting is a gardening activity that allows you to clip a part of two different plants, take a piece of the other, and insert it onto the base of another plant. This whole process will result in creating a new type of plant.

2. Make an Orchid

To make an Orchid, take a cutting of your Lily plant, and graft it into your Snapdragon. You’ll have to let the Orchid grow for a couple of days. So while waiting for it to grow, you can start working on improving your other skills.

3. Max out your Cooking and Gourmet Cooking Skills

Level up your Cooking Skill to level 6 to unlock your Sim’s Gourmet Cooking capabilities. You’ll need to improve your Gourmet skill as well. Maxing out both these skills will help you in unlocking Ambrosia since it is an exquisite dish, after all.

4. Make a Pomegranate Tree

To make a Pomegranate tree, graft an Apple onto your Cherry tree. If your trees can’t produce fruit because they’re currently dormant or out of season, you can plant them inside your greenhouse or indoors.

5. Buy the Potion of youth

You have to accumulate 1,500 satisfaction points to buy this potion. It is no easy task, but if you have already collected enough points, it wouldn’t hurt to spend them all in exchange for the Potion of youth.

6. Make a Death Flower

Once your Orchid and Pomegranate are fully grown, cut a part of the Orchid and graft it onto the Pomegranate tree.

7. Catch an Angelfish

This is probably the most time-consuming part of the whole process. You may catch the Angelfish, one of the most elusive fishes in the game. For Base Gamers, the best place to catch an Angelfish is Willow Creek. It is a pretty rare fish, so using bait will increase your chances of reeling it in. If you decide to fish at Willow Creek’s Magnolia Blossom Park, you can use the frogs that reside in ponds as fish bait.

8. Cook Ambrosia 

Using the Angelfish, Potion of Youth, and Death Flower, you may now let your skilled Sim lovingly craft Ambrosia.

A deceased Sim is guaranteed to be resurrected after eating Ambrosia. When a normal Sim eats Ambrosia, they will get a reset of their age and go back to the early stage of their life.

Non-playable Ghost Sims that lurk around your neighborhood can also eat the Ambrosia dish. If you want to invite them to move into your household, offer your Ambrosia to them as well. You have to build a good relationship with these non-playable Ghost Sims for the Ambrosia to take effect.

Other ways to resurrect Sims:

There are other ways to undo Sims’ death which no longer involve too much gardening and fish angling, although you’re still required to polish up on your skills.

With DLCs 

If you own The Sims 4: Realm of Magic, you can order your Spellcaster Sims to restore the lives of deceased Sims.

In The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff Pack, your Ghost Sims can wish upon a Whispering Wishing Well that they be brought back to life. This isn’t a foolproof way to resurrect Sims as the outcome of their wishes will depend on the ever-changing mood of the Wishing Well.

The Book of Life

You can bring back Sims from the dead by authoring The Book Of Life. This method will only work if you’ll be able to recite the book to a Sim before he or she dies. Below are the steps on how to write the Book of Life:

  1. Create a New Sim

If you don’t have a Sim that has the Bestselling Author Aspiration, enter Create-A-Sim mode and bring that Sim into existence. Sims who have a passion for writing are the only ones capable of making The Book of Life.

2. Fulfill your goals

Max out your Writing Skill and complete your Aspiration goals to get the Poetic Trait reward that unlocks The Book of Life.

3. Resurrect your Sim

Write the book and publish it. You can only use The Book of Life once per Sim. If you have the book in your inventory, click on “Capture Epic Saga” and select the Sim you would hate to lose. This will bind your Sim to the book, therefore, in case that Sim spontaneously dies, you can summon them back to life.

Just like the Ambrosia dish, you need to establish a good relationship with that Sim for this method to work.

Pleading with the Grim Reaper

If you see the Grim Reaper walking close to your Sim who’s on the verge of life and death, you can put a halt on the Reaper’s reckoning by pleading for the Sims’ life.

On the off chance that the Grim Reaper listens to your pleas, he will give your Sim a second chance at life.

Using Cheats

If you don’t feel like following a long-drawn-out process, you can always browse through the Gallery and look for the Ambrosia dish or The Book of Life to obtain them without a hitch.

You can also press Shift + Control + C to bring up the cheat bar. Input the code testingCheats true and type in death.toggle to disable or prevent the death of your Sim.

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