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Parrots are one of the best tamable mobs you can have as a companion on your adventures in Minecraft, and this guide will show you how to tame your very own!

How To Tame a Parrot in Minecraft

Taming mobs is one of the best game mechanics that the Minecraft developers—Mojang—added. Some of the best companions a player can have in Minecraft include a pet wolf, a cat, and a parrot. Like in the real world, parrots are colorful birds that can talk, sing, and even imitate sounds it often hears. Minecraft parrots do just the same, except they instead imitate sounds of nearby hostile mobs. This unique talent only adds to their uniqueness as a mob—making them all the more lovable. Read on to find out how to grab yourself an adorable pet parrot in Minecraft.

Where Can You Find A Parrot in Minecraft

Parrots are extremely rare passive mobs in Minecraft. They can only be found in jungle biomes—rare lush, temperate biomes full of dense vegetation—with a 0.2% chance of spawning. They only spawn on jungle leaves, logs, and grass blocks and are usually found alone or in pairs. So if you are looking for some parrots, you may want to try searching near the top of trees or find them hovering slightly above the ground.

How To Tame A Parrot in Minecraft

  1. You will need to obtain some seeds first. Parrots can only be tamed using wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, and beetroot seeds.
  2. Once you have seeds, look for a parrot you can tame. Take note parrots only spawn on Y-level 70 or above, so make sure to check your Y-axis coordinates by pressing F3 on your keyboard for PC users or FN + F3 for Mac users.
  3. Next, tame the parrot by feeding it seeds. Hold the seeds on your hand and right-click on the parrot to feed it. You will only have a 13 chance of successfully taming the parrot so make sure to bring a sufficient number of seeds.
  4. Once you’ve successfully tamed a parrot, you can right-click on the parrot again to make it sit down or stand up.

How To Perch A Parrot On Your Shoulder

Once tamed, the parrot can now perch on a player’s shoulder. Walk over the parrot on the ground to automatically perch it or wait for it to fly to your shoulder if it isn’t sitting down. You can have up to two parrots perched on each side. Here are the few ways a parrot can dismount the player:

  • If the player does not land on a surface that is 12 block up or higher.
  • If the player drops off higher than 34 of a block.
  • If the player takes any damage that is either self-inlficted or not.
  • If the player gets submerged in water.
  • If the player starts drowning.
  • If the player sleeps on a bed.

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