The Sims 4 Werewolves: Fated Mates Guide


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When vampires took over the supernatural realm of the Sims 4, werewolves became one of the most requested occult-type creatures in the game. The Werewolves pack was recently released, and the DLC did not disappoint the fans regarding character customization, gameplay, and lore.

The Sims 4 Werewolves: Fated Mates Guide

Another exclusive game pack feature that players were excited about is the Fated Mates mechanic. We will explain what Fated Mates is all about and how this mechanic works in this quick guide.

Fated Mates Explained

Fated Mates is a new feature that allows a werewolf to fall for only one werewolf per lifespan. Your werewolf Sim can meet only one person they would be willing to risk a limb to be with forever.

FatedMates JustMet2

Most occult fans know that werewolves are eternally faithful to their chosen partners. Now Simmers can recreate all their fictional fantasies in a simulated world with Fated Mates.

You can think of Fated Mates as similar to randomly generated dungeons in a roguelike game or a gacha game that uses the RNG function. A newly spawned werewolf has a chance to be soulmates with any werewolf in the game, be it someone pre-made or a character you made yourself.

FatedMates CAS

Some rules must be complied with for this gameplay mechanic to work. Firstly, your Sim must be a werewolf to have a fated mate. You can create a werewolf in CAS or let them get bitten by another werewolf to get the curse of lycanthropy. Or you can use cheats. Turn your human Sim into a werewolf by typing traits.equip_trait trait_occultwerewolf into the command console.

Werewolf FatedMates

Secondly, your werewolf has to interact with a fellow werewolf in the community. Make your Sim have romantic interactions with another werewolf until they come across their destined partner. As long as they are both werewolves, flirting with them may cause a purple notification to pop out, stating they have found their soul mate.

FatedMates Profile2

When your Sim finally finds their fated mate, you can have the option of letting your Sim pursue them or find another romantic interest. However, flirting with Sims other than their fated partner can give your werewolf a tense moodlet.

If you do not like the Sim the game chose for your character, you can start playing god and get rid of them by deleting the Sim or in other creative ways you can imagine. Only the Grim Reaper can unlink the string of fate that binds the two souls together.

Fated Mates with mods

FatedMates SadCedric

Fated Mates is an interesting concept, and it stays true to how werewolves are depicted according to folklore. But others find it was not executed well in terms of how randomly the game selects a partner for your Sim.

Some players believe it would be better if the game does not easily pick a destined lover for your werewolf. Your Sim will only need to flirt with somebody relentlessly, and the game will decide that they are soulmates for life. And that is why a modder that goes by the username Zafireria created a mod that lowers the chances of you finding a fated partner too fast.

Regardless of how you interact with a Sim, even if you take the friendly or mean approach, there is a possible chance for the Fated Mates mechanic to activate.

FatedMates Mods

The mod is called ‘Fated Mate Its Fate,’ and it can be downloaded on You can install the mod by extracting the file in the mods folder inside the game folder. Launch the game and head to Options, and click on Game Options. Then, select the Others tab and mark the Enable Custom Content and Mods check box.

And that is all you need to know about Fated Mates. More news, articles, and guides on The Sims 4 can be found here on

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