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Learn how to complete the Missing Miner Quest in Genshin Impact!

The Missing Miner Quest Genshin Impact Guide

The Missing Miner is a world quest in Genshin Impact in The Chasm: Underground Mines. You can trigger it by exploring the underground region and interacting with a certain item. This quest is related to the miners who disappeared when the weird phenomenon started happening in the mine.

This quest is a follow-up or an update to Jinwu’s search for a senior miner, who she refused to believe has died because no signs indicate his death has been found.

How to Unlock the Missing Miner Quest

To do this quest, you must have reached at least Adventure Rank 28 and complete the Archon Quest Chapter I: Act III – A New Star Approaches. You also need to finish the world quest Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering, which is the second quest in the quest series The Chasm Delvers. The said world quest will remove the seal over The Chasm to give you access to the Underground Mines.

In the Chasm Spelunkers, the third world quest in the series, you will meet Jinwu. She is the Safety Technician of The Chasm’s Exploration Team and will mention a miner named Uncle He. He is Jinwu’s senior in the mines and one of the people who went missing when the Chasm miners were dispersed. Jinwu feels like he is still alive and continues to search for him.

Missing Miner Quest Location

The location for this quest is The Chasm: Underground Mines, specifically the eastern side of the Underground Waterway.

A screenshot of the map in Genshin Impact

You just have to travel to the Teleport Waypoint south of The Chasm: Main Mining Area to get to the area. From there, walk west to your right into the nearby cave. Pass through the cave, and you get to the other side, where a larger and deeper cave exists. This is the east part of the Underground Waterway.

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Glide down the cave where a giant tree trunk is situated. This is the spot where you will get the quest.

Missing Miner Quest Steps

Step 1: Read the Work Handbook.

Go inside one of the large tree’s roots on this side of the Underground Waterway. There you will find a desk with some books on it. Go and interact with the item labeled “Work Handbook.”

Work Handbook:

(A miner’s log, with the name “He” on its cover – probably the owner’s name.)

(On the first few pages, it reads:)

“Qi Ding’s been looking for his daughter’s toy, but it’s nowhere to be found. Lemme go deeper into the mine and see if I can find it for him…”

“… there’.s an itching in my ears…”

“it’s so .itchy, like bugs in my ears… Ugh, it just won’t give me a rest. I’m gonna run out of food soon. According to that voice, I… Huh. But is this mushroom really edible?”

On the following pages, it reads: “I can hear it. Hee-hee, mushroom meat… hee-hee… mushroom meat. So delicious… Hahaha, mushroom meat…”

You suddenly hear whispering coming from you: “Hee-hee… mushroom meat… Hee-hee…”

Step 2: Talk to the strange man.

The whispering comes from a strange man who suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He noticed you and asked what you were doing inside this tree log and reading the journals, which probably belonged to him.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

The man looked in bad shape and asked if you ran out of food. When asked if he was Uncle He, the man did not seem to understand or even hear you. He continued asking if you were also trapped in the area like him and eventually ran out of food. He feels sorry that you have to be as unlucky as he is and tries to console you by offering some of the food he has.

The man’s food is what he calls mushroom meat, which looks very suspicious. He keeps offering you the mushroom meat as he continues chowing down on the thing. Paimon speculated that the mushroom meat is probably the reason for the man’s strange complexion and why he seems a bit cooked in the head.

The man is Uncle He, the senior miner Jinwu has been looking for. When you tried to persuade him to return to the camp, he refused because he said he had run out of mushroom meat, and without it, he would not have the strength to walk. He also claims that there is no food anywhere else.

He then shows you where to get this mushroom meat so you can fill your tummies. You will have the strength to work. You and Paimon decided that the only way to bring him back to camp was to follow him and help him gather his food.

Step 3: Collect “mushroom meat” together with Uncle He.

In this part, you will unlock an achievement “Not for Long-Term Consumption – Find Uncle He, the missing miner, in The Chasm.”

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Go outside the large tree and cross the little river to the east of it. This is where you will find the “mushroom meat,” which resembles a Starshroom.

Step 4: Defeat the Floating Fungi.

While collecting the mushroom meat, mushroom creatures suddenly appear around you. You have to defeat these Floating Fungi to continue with your task. As you are about to fight, Uncle He starts taking the monster out in a single slash.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

He explained that ever since he started eating mushroom meat, his lower back pain left him, and he got more strength. And that it’s like he has grown a few years younger. He also said that mushroom creatures are more delicious than mushroom meat. The bigger, the tastier, he added.

This made Paimon wonder if the mushroom meat was why Uncle He got so strong. She then suggested that you try it. After turning down the offer, she asked Uncle He if he was now fine with following you back to the camp.

Step 5: Bring Uncle He back to the camp to meet Jinwu.

Teleport to the area of the underground mines where the exploration team has set camp.

When you bring Uncle He to Jinwu, he only talks about mushroom meat and creatures. Jinwu is glad to see Uncle He. She said she knew he was alive and recalled how his family even invited her to Uncle He’s funeral, which she refused, telling them that nothing was sure without a body.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

Looking at Uncle He’s face, Jinwu can’t imagine what he has been through. It must have been tough for him, being trapped in the mine like that, but she is very thankful that he is still alive. However, the man can’t recall who is talking to her and can’t even have a proper conversation with her.

After telling Jinwu how they found Uncle He, she reiterated that A Chasm is dangerous for ordinary people. Plants and fungi growing here could also be harmful to the human body. That is why Huishan Hall has set strict rules against eating these things. But Uncle He’s been trapped down here all these years with nothing else to eat. Jinwu is now wondering how she is supposed to face his family with him in this state.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

With the talk about mushrooms, you are reminded that you have a few of the “mushroom meat” and thought Khedive might be able to help. After all, he’s a scholar from Sumeru. He must have conducted some research on mushrooms. You showed it to Jinwu, so she fetched Khedive to check on the mushroom and Uncle He.

Uncle He kept saying that it was itchy inside his ears, and after hearing what happened and after performing a careful examination, Khedive assured everyone that Uncle He was fine. He said the itchiness in his ears that Uncle He has been complaining about is because the fungi spores have entered his ears.

The scholar also assured you that although long-term consumption of this fungus, or mushroom, impairs one’s sanity, it doesn’t hurt the body. He also said that he had already cleared Uncle He’s body of the fungi and made some medicine to treat his neurological disorder.

When Jinwu brought up the cost of the medicine, Khedive said none of the ingredients were expensive, that they were only worth a month’s meals at Xinyue Kiosk, so it was not a big deal. But this gives Khedive something new to write in his report, so there is no need to repay him.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

Since he came across these peculiar mushrooms in The Chasm, Khedive has been curious about the long-term consequences of eating them, but he has not found a willing assistant yet. He said you, as a team, have studied these mushrooms and concluded that they will not cause irreversible damage to the body or the mind. But given how peculiar The Chasm is, the environment here could be another reason for Uncle He’s symptoms.

Khedive instructed to have Uncle He take the medicine and get him to rest. And assured that he is very likely to recover, even now.

Jinwu promised to bring him back to the surface, and once he recovered, she would also bring him home and inform his friends. He is a veteran miner and an agile one, too. He took very good care of youngsters who were new in the mine. When he went missing a few years back, everyone wondered why Rex Lapis didn’t protect him. They said a good man’s life should not have ended that way. Jinwu is sure that Uncle He’s friends will be much comforted by the news that he’s back.

Post Completion Progress

After completing the Missing Miner quest, you will also complete one of the Reputation-Related tasks in Liyue.

Uncle He Update

After a few teleports to and from The Chasm exploration team’s camp, Uncle He suddenly disappears.

The following day or the next game reset, you will find him atop the highest cliff in the Cinnabar Cliff of The Chasm surface. However, he will only appear in this area if you have completed another world quest, A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past. You can click on the title and see the guide to learn more about the world quest.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

On the cliff above Cinnabar Cliff, Uncle He seems to be in a confrontation with a man who claims to be “Tang Wuchou,” who claims to own the Qingxin flowers in the area. The latter is angry at the miner, calling him an old thief for saying that the flowers are mushrooms and then picking and eating them.

Uncle He said he was looking for mushroom meat but could not return to the mines. So he came here on top of the cliff to look for some. After searching and searching, he said, he finally found mushrooms there. And as he was reaching for them, Tang Wuchou attacked him.

A gameplay still from Genshin Impact

Tang Wuchou asserted that no one may touch these sacred grounds other than him, you, and Paimon. He accused Uncle He of violating the Guhua training grounds and stealing the flowers that belonged to him.

Paimon stepped in and explained to Uncle He that what he picked were not mushrooms but Qingxin flowers, and the old miner snapped back to reality and said that maybe he was still a little dizzy. Uncle He left, and Tang Wuchou resumed looking into planting some flowers.

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