How to Get Crash Test Janus in Smite


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Smite characters are based on gods and mythical figures, and players could obtain skins for their favorite ones. Certain skins are season rewards, and Season 8 is one of the seasons’ most coveted rewards: The Crash Test Janus skin.

How to Get Crash Test Janus in Smite

To unlock the Crash Test Janus skin, players must purchase the Battle Pass and level it up. Without a Battle Pass purchase, reaching the requisite level won’t work. Find out how to get the skin and level up quickly in this article.

Getting the Crash Test Janus Skin

The Crash Test Janus skin is a Battle Pass ranked reward. To get it, you must win 75 Ranked games in Smite with a purchased Battle Pass. There’s no other way to obtain it, and once Season 8 ends, the skin won’t be available anymore.

Crash Test Janus Skin

Winning Ranked Games

Unfortunately, you’ll have to fight for the Crash Test Janus skin. Here are some tips for winning more in Ranked mode to increase your chances of getting this coveted skin.

Winning Ranked Games

Be Comfortable

If you’re not familiar with a specific god, don’t force yourself to pick them. A better character may perform worse if you don’t know what you’re doing. Instead, choose a character you’re comfortable with using.

Comfort helps you perform better in battle, increasing your chances of winning. While you can’t avoid learning new gods, you should always have some you can turn to in a pinch.

battle gods

Have Enough Wards on Hand

Wards grant your team “vision” so that you can all make more thoughtful decisions instead of guessing what lies behind the fog of war. With enough “vision,” you can prevent enemies from ambushing you. Safer decisions tend to keep your team alive and prevent the enemy from leveling up quickly.

Having wards to illuminate a larger area also allows for calculated aggressive plays. Blindly attacking might pay off occasionally, but you’ll more often fail than not.

While regular wards only cost 50 Gold, you should have some sentry wards as well. These cost 120 Gold but show you where enemy wards are and allow you to destroy them. If they can’t see, but you can, killing them becomes far easier.


Always Communicate

Teamwork is crucial to victory in Smite, especially in Ranked matches. Without good cooperation, your team will be in shambles, and losing is practically guaranteed. To ensure success, remember to listen to each other and communicate the situation.

If you’re playing with friends, consider using voice chat since it’s more efficient than typing. Also, doing so frees up your hands as you fight.

Alternatively, you can use the VGS system to broadcast set commands. These work well if you don’t want to talk to your teammates.

team communications

Practice Often

In Ranked mode, you won’t always get to play the role you love most. Therefore, it’s a great idea to practice more than one role. You don’t need to be a master of all of them, but knowing more than the basics can benefit you and your team.

If you want to win, you’ll have to be flexible, including the role you’ll sometimes have to play. Even if you’re not the best jungler, practice will increase your chances of winning instead of going in without any knowledge.


Don’t Give Up

If you really want the Crash Test Janus skin, you’ll have to reach the 75 wins goal. It may not be easy, especially if you started late. However, with enough perseverance and practice, you can eventually get your hands on this unique skin.

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