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The Lightning Strike Probe is a newly added mechanism puzzle in Genshin Impact that came along with the arrival of Inazuma. This ruin device can detect nearby characters and monsters that are affected by Electro.

How to Solve Lightning Strike Probe Puzzles in Genshin Impact

It has a circular stone base with a pointed arrow design and a floating arrow or needle above it. The needle will follow the direction of the nearby being affected by Electro. Summoning an Electrograna will also make the needle follow your direction.

You need to align the needle to the arrow embedded on the device’s base to light it up. However, what makes this puzzle tricky is that multiple Lightning Strike Probes exist in the area, and all will detect the presence of Electro and move at the same time.

Locations of the Lightning Strike Probes

There are several of these Lightning Strike Probe puzzles scattered around different islands of Inazuma. Each is positioned differently, giving you a brand new challenge each time.

There are six of these puzzles in Kannazuka, one in Yashiori Island, three in Watasumi Island, and another three in Serai Island.


This first Lightning Strike Probe located on the smaller island northwest of Kujou Encampment is the easiest one. Only one device exists here, and you just have to get your character affected by Electro and step in the direction of the arrow on the device’s platform.

The device will light up, and a treasure chest will appear.

Just south of Kujou Encampment, somewhere near a Thunder Sakura Tree and a Thunderwood, is where you can see the second Lightning Strike Probe. It is also just a single device; therefore, it’s not difficult to unlock.

However, since you are near a Thunder Sakura Tree, you are not out of danger as the tree will strike lightning down to where you are standing.

You can stand between the Thunderwood and the Lightning Strike Probe, and the Thunderwood will imbue your character with Electro causing the device’s needle to adjust to your direction.

The next two puzzles are located north of Tatarasuna. One is just below the cliff from where the Statue of the Seven is, and the other is just a little north of Takashi’s shell-shaped cottage.

To solve the puzzle near the Statue of Seven, drop down the cliff and summon an Electrograna from the bough by the cliff wall.

Walk to the nearest Lightning Strike Probe and stand on where the base’s arrow is facing. Once the device has lit up, walk in the direction the arrow is pointing until the probe can no longer detect the Electrograna you are carrying.

Go to the second device and stand in the right direction to light it up.

The puzzle near Takashi’s cottage involves three Lightning Strike Probes. The nearest Thunder Sakura Bough is on the cliff on the other side of this island. You can summon an Electrograna from there or have yourself electrocuted by the electro crystals nearby.

Two of the devices’ bases have arrows facing the center, and the third one has its arrow facing the hill. To solve this, stand on the center of the devices until two of them light up.

Walk towards the third device until the other two no longer detect the Electro element in you. Then stand where the needle of the last Lightning Strike Probe should be.

The next puzzle is on the little island east of Tatarasuna. It is the same island where you can find one of the Kamuijima Cannons. Two Lightning Strike Probes are involved in this one.

Summon an Electrograna from a nearby Thunder Sakura Bough and go to the device near the Waverider Waypoint. Stand where the base’s arrow is pointing to until the device lights up. Walk towards the second device to the direction the arrow on its base is facing and wait for the needle to adjust.

The last puzzle in Kannazuka is located southeast of Tatarasuna and right above the Shakkei Pavilion. The two Lightning Strike Probes are placed next to each other, but their bases’ arrows point the opposite directions.

A little farther up the slope is where you can find a Thunder Sakura Bough to summon an Eletrograna. Do this and then glide down to where the devices are.

With how the probes are placed, both of their needles will move towards you. The trick is to move far from them to the direction where one base arrow is facing. For the opposite side, have yourself electrocuted by the Electro Crystal.

Stand far from the devices but stay on where the base of the other device is facing. Slowly walk towards the device just right until only one of the needles moves.

Yashiori Island

If you did the Orobashi’s Legacy quest series, you might have already come across this sole puzzle in Yashiori Island. It is in Jakotsu Mine on that little land bridging over the southern opening of the cave where the warding shrine is located.

Drop down to the surface of the cave to get to where a Thunder Sakura Bough is.

Summon an Electrograna and ride the Thunder Spheres to return to the Lighting Strike Probes.

First, align the needle of the device that’s facing the sea. Drop down the cave and summon an Electrograna and go back up again.

This time, stay away from the device that you have aligned while you align the second one.

Watatsumi Island

You can find three Lightning Strike Probe Puzzles on Watatsumi Island.

The easiest one to find is located east of Bourou Village, just a little south of the teleport waypoint. Aside from three Lightning Strike Probes, it also involves an ancient stone statue which you can only find in Watatsumi Island.

One of the devices has a seal around it, and two large Electro slimes guard the area. Defeat the slimes and activate the stone statue to remove the seal from one of the devices.

Have yourself affected by Electro with the Electro Crystals nearby and stand right next to the statue to light up two of the devices.

Wait until the Electro status disappears before moving so that the needles of the two lit-up devices stay in place. Have yourself electrocuted again with the crystal near the last device and light it up.

The second puzzle is up on a hill south of Bourou Village, and solving this puzzle is the way to get the Electroculus. There are three Lightning Strike Probe devices that you need to light up. An Electro Seelie flies around the three devices, and it will light up one of them.

While the Seelie is on the first device, prepare yourself and summon an Electrograna. As it moves to the second device, go to the first one and stand in the right position to light it up. When the Seelie transfers to the third device, which it can light it, move to the second one and light it up.

Once all devices have been lit up, a Thunder Sphere will appear, and you can ride it up to the floating rock above.

Stand on that rock platform and ride the other Thunder Sphere to get the Electroculus.

The last one can be found north of Sangonomiya Shrine. It is in the third waterfall to the east of the teleport waypoint.

You can only see three devices near the water, and one of them is inside a Thunder Barrier. Summon an Electrograna from a nearby bough and stand on a rock in the middle of the water to light up the devices.

Nothing will happen just yet because there is actually a fourth Lightning Strike Probe. To find it, just summon an Eletrograna again and climb past the Thunder Barrier.

The device is right behind the small tree. To light it up, you can have your character electrocuted by the Electro Crystals and stand in the right direction.

Serai Island

In Serai Island there are three of these Lightning Strike Probe puzzles.

The first one is in the northern part of Fort Hiraumi. A Thunder Barrier protects this puzzle. Although there is a Thunder Sakura Bough nearby, the level of your Electrograna needs to be at least level six for you to pass through Intermediate Thunder Barriers.

There are three devices in this puzzle, and two of which have their base’s arrows facing each other. The third device is facing west.

You must first align and light up the third device and then walk away to where it is facing until it can no longer detect the Electrograna that you are carrying. You can then stand between the two devices facing each other to light them up.

The second puzzle is located northwest of Koseski Village. It involves five Lightning Strike Probes—four submerged in the water and the fifth device on a small island, an electro Totem, and two Electro Seelies. The electro totem is sealed at first, and you need to defeat two Ruin Scouts to remove the seal.

Once done, you can light the totem up with an Electro attack. The Seelies will move around from one device to another, which causes the needles to not stay in place. But when you light the totem, they will move to this and stay there.

The best thing to do is stand on the island where one device is on and wait for the Seelies to affect your character with Electro. This will make the needle adjust and light up the device. After that, shoot an electro arrow to the totem to light it up and keep the Seelies in place.

Although the Lightning Strike Probes’ bases all point towards the middle, they are too far to detect the Seelies in the center. You need to jump into the water and go near the totem to have your character affected by Electro.

Swim a little towards one device and wait for the needle to adjust. Then swim back to the totem to repeat the process with all other remaining devices. Make sure to not take too long in doing all the steps of the totem’s light will go off, and the Electro Seelies will start moving around again.

The last Lightning Strike Probe puzzle in Serai Island is in Seiraimaru. This one involves three devices that an Intermediate Thunder Barrier also protects.

The Thunder Sakura Bough is on a little island just across from the devices. Summoning an Electrograna will also reveal Thunder Spheres.

Ride the spheres to glide quickly to through the Thunder Barrier and go straight to the device at the back.

Once this device has been lit up, walk straight to the center, right where the base of the last two devices are pointing.

Tip: Having Beidou hold her weapon up using her elemental skill will apply the Electro element. With this, you can lure the Lightning Strike Probe’s needle to any direction without summoning an Electrograna.

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