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Upon arriving in Inazuma, you might have started exploring every island of the nation. You have probably encountered a tree in one of these islands that will not stop striking you with lightning whenever it detects your presence.

How to Stop the Thunder Sakura Trees in Genshin Impact

If you find this annoying, then you are in good luck because there is a way to stop this. All you need is to complete the world quest Sakura Arborism, and your exploration will be a lot better.

Sakura Arborism Quest Guide

In this guide, we will show how to trigger this quest, find all five Thunder Sakura trees, and stop its lightning strikes.

How to Get the Quest

To trigger this quest, you have to complete the first part of the Tatara Tales quest series. After that, go to an island east of the Statue of the Seven in Kannazuka, where dead trees and tree stumps are found.

On this island you will see a troubled Shrine Maiden named Miyuki.

She will tell you that the Thunder Sakura trees are actually imperiled at risk, and she needs help to solve the problem.

Location of Thunder Sakura Trees

There are five Thunder Sakura Trees that you have to save. If you stand at the top of the island where the Shrine Maiden is, you will see one of the Thunder Sakura trees on each side. Marked on the map are the locations of all Thunder Sakura Trees.

The first tree on this list will be the one in the northern part of the Kujou Encampment.

The second tree is found south of said encampment near the island where you found Shrine Maiden Miyuki.

The third tree is on the northeastern part of Tatarasuna. Just teleport to the Statue of Seven and glide down to the shore below.

The fourth Thunder Sakura tree is just a little bit east from the entrance of Tatarasuna, where you found Xavier. However, it is on the mountain above the mine, and you have to climb to get to it. The easiest way is to teleport to the waypoint as it is the highest part of the mountain and glide or walk down to the north.

The last tree is on the southwestern part of Tatarasuna. Teleport to the waypoint located south of the island and glide down the mountain to get to it.

Stopping the Lightning Strikes

When you go near the trees, it will start striking you with lightning. Use your elemental sight, and you will see some concentrated energy around it.

These are the source of the lightning, and you need to get rid of them. To do so, stand in that area and let lightning strike it.

After eliminating the lightning source, go to the tree and remove a foreign object stuck on the tree trunk.

When you have finished resolving the issue of all five Sakura trees, go back to Miyuki to report the progress.

She will tell you that the problem was the Treasure Hoarders’ doing and collecting the Thunder Sakura’s power into a crystal cube. You need to go to where this cube is and confront the culprit.

You will find out that the Treasure Hoarders are working with the Fatui to make money out of the Thunder Sakura’s power. Now you have to deal with them.

After dealing with the Fatui, the Treasure Hoarder will activate the crystal cube. This will act like Electro Hypostasis, and you have to defeat it the same way.

Defeating this last enemy will have the treasure Hoarder give up, and Shrine Maiden Miyuki will thank you for your help.

Were you able to complete this quest? What did you have the most trouble with? Let us know in the comment section below!

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