Sony could Get Sued Over Horizon Forbidden West



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Guerrilla Games has just kicked off another successful launch with Horizon Forbidden West, but even if the game is getting stellar reviews, Sony could get into a class action lawsuit thanks to the way they’ve been pricing the game.

Sony could Get Sued Over Horizon Forbidden West

According to Video Game Chronicle, one Attorney Richard Hoeg has pointed out that Sony is allegedly cheating their PS5 customers off $10 when it comes to Horizon Forbidden West. Basically, HFZ on the PS5 is worth $70, but the PS4 version of the game is worth $60 with a free PS5 upgrade. Hoeg is essentially pointing out that Sony is showcasing their ‘Duplicity and greed’ by having the more expensive version more prominently placed in the store.

It gets more extensive in Hoeg’s video:

Hoeg also told VGC:

“I do think that this kind of thing could present a possibility of a class action claim… Many individual states (not to mention jurisdictions outside the US) have deceptive trade practices statutes that allow for civil actions, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see a request for plaintiffs coming from a class action firm on something like this, though it will depend on those firms’ analysis of what they think they can get out of a possible pay day.”

For now, Hoeg is saying that the best course of action would be to simply make the PS5 version cheaper, but he also says that another option would be to make the PS4 bundle available on the PS5 store as well.

We don’t know what Sony is going to do about the issue now, but if enough people get pissed, they could be looking at a bigger problem.

For now, Horizon Forbidden West is playable for PlayStation 4|5. It’s up to you on which version you want to purchase though.

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