Watch: How Rijksmuseum and Guerrilla Collaborated for Horizon Forbidden West



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With Guerrilla Games being a Dutch studio, you can expect that the developers wanted to put a bit of their Dutch heritage into Horizon Forbidden West; and that’s kind of what we got with the character of Tilda. The developers actually got help from the Rijksmuseum to curate Tilda’s collection of Dutch art, and PlayStation has dropped a new featurette highlighting the collaboration.

Watch: How Rijksmuseum and Guerrilla Collaborated for Horizon Forbidden West

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At Guerrilla, they are always happy to showcase their Dutch roots to the international community. So when the opportunity presented itself to collaborate with the Rijksmuseum, they had to take it. Guerrilla’s Narrative Director Ben McCaw, Aloy Voice Actor Ashly Burch and Rijksmuseum’s Curatorial Assistant Denise Campbell share their story and thoughts on the artworks that were chosen to be featured during a pivotal moment in the story of Horizon Forbidden West.

While Aloy’s ancient history is our present, her interaction in the story with the art is actually the first time that she gets exposed to even more ancient artifacts. The art was also used to greatly inform on the character of Tilda, who was written to have Dutch ancestry.

No doubt that Forbidden West is a beautiful game, and having an entire segment dedicated to historic Dutch art is nice attention to detail. I’m sure players didn’t even need the art to be curated professionally, but the developers actually went the extra mile and made it happen. Who knows what other reveals we could get for the game down the line?

Horizon Forbidden West is now playable for PlayStation 4|5.

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