Sony’s future PS5 lineup is enormous, but also mysterious


Shawn Farner

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The start of a new console cycle is typically slow. It usually takes some time for developers to fully wrap their arms around the power of new hardware, and for all parties to transition away from past-gen machines. As such, both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S have endured a bit of a drought these past few months — both due to those factors and also due to COVID-19. Don’t think Sony is just sitting back doing nothing, though — the company has quite the PS5 lineup in the works for eager fans.

Sony's future PS5 lineup is enormous, but also mysterious

According to a new report from Wired, PlayStation Studios currently over 25 PS5 projects in the works. We presumably know about some of those: Horizon Forbidden West, for example. And there are some games that seem pretty in the bag but we’re sketchy on detail-wise, like God of War: Ragnarok.

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Going further, the head of PlayStation Studios — Herman Hulst — told Wired that over half of that in-the-works game lineup are new franchises. This bit of the list is a bit more open. We know that there are a bunch of exclusives coming to PlayStation 5 in the future, but they aren’t published by Sony. It sounds like there’s a lot we don’t know about what the folks at PlayStation are working on, exactly, or who they’re working with if they’re publishing titles from outside studios.

There are bound to see some games in the master record that aren’t too surprising. It wouldn’t be a shock to learn that the folks over at Sony San Diego are already prepping for MLB The Show 22, for example. And there are more niche games like Gran Turismo 7 on the way you can probably throw into that list. Still, over 25 games is a lot, and Sony claiming them as first party means the PlayStation 5 has quite the stockpile of cannonballs ready to fire off. It’ll be interesting to see what these titles look like and how Microsoft and all of its newly acquired studios respond.

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