Why is a Speech Bubble at the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance in Lies of P? – Answered


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Lies of P players are getting lost trying to find this speech option at Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance.

Why is a Speech Bubble at the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance in Lies of P? – Answered

It could be a while before fans get that Bloodborne remake everyone has been clamoring for, but in the meantime, they can satiate their need for souls-like combat with Neowiz Games’ Lies of P.

Lies of P is essentially a gritty retelling of the classic tale of Pinocchio, only this time, the world isn’t filled with blue fairies or talking foxes, but rather a Victorian-era dystopia filled with madness and all kinds of monstrous automatons.

Though the game may not be as kid-friendly as previous versions of the Pinocchio story, Lies of P does share the theme of asking what it means to be human and if lies are necessary to keep your humanity or make you stray away from it.

Like any other soulslike game once in a while, Lies of P has very intricate instructions for fulfilling some of its missions. The game doesn’t hold your hand when it comes to the gameplay, so, naturally, some players will be left confused.

One thing that has players stumped is something as simple as a speech bubble on the main menu.

Speech Bubble at the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance

Players have noticed that after defeating Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P, the location of the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance will have a speech bubble—which means that there is someone to talk to in that location.

The location is rather large and can be a maze, so players are often left confused as to who exactly they would have to talk to. Luckily, besides fending off many enemies in that location, getting to that person the speech bubble represents is pretty easy.

How to Get to the Location

First, you have to travel to the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance, and from that point, go down a flight of stairs leading into an arch.

Gameplay still from Neowiz Games' Lies of P

Run straight to the end of the street and enter a gate at the left corner. Turn right, straight up the stairs, and make another right.

Gameplay still from Neowiz Games' Lies of P
Gameplay still from Neowiz Games' Lies of P

This will lead you to a bridge where you will find the person you’re supposed to talk to.

Who is the Person on the Bridge?

The person on the bridge is Test Subject 826. He’s a human who has been experimented on with Ergo, and you will meet him twice in the game.

You first meet him in Area 11 or the Arch Abbey Area. When you get past the Trinity Door at the bottom area, you’ll go through a corridor where you can take an elevator and meet Test Subject 826 for the first time. If you open the door, he can escape after you defeat Laxasia the Complete.

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After you defeat Laxasia, Test Subject 826 will move to Rosa Isabelle Street, where he reveals that he’s become a merchant. As it turns out, after 826 escapes, he will also loot some special items from Area 11.

As for the special items you can purchase from him, you can get the White Lady’s Hunting Apparel and the Carcass Crystal Axe. He can also sell you a cartridge called the LADA Disruption Cartridge.

Speaking to Test Subject 826 will also allow you to unlock the ‘Happy’ Gesture, and after you unlock it, it’s said that you should exhaust all of his dialogue lines. Though they don’t give much on the story, 826 will talk about his fascination with the city, his favorite singer, and the sights he went to look for around the city. Even if the place does look like a robot hellscape, 826 will act like he’s just happy to be alive and moving about.

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