Spellbreak Connection Error : How To Fix



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Spellbreak has had some fair set of bugs and issues. The game is excellent, but it is still young, so that’s why these issues may arise.

Spellbreak Connection Error : How To Fix

Most of the bugs are fixed through regularly issued updates weekly, and at Proletariat, they are doing everything they can to give their players a pleasant experience. These days players are getting an “Unknown Connection Error.” This is because the game switched from Steam to Epic Games. Spellbreak’s connection error can be fixed in the following ways outlined below.

Connection Error Spellbreak | How to Fix

According to a post from Proletariat, this error can arise because of multiple things. It can happen because you are using an outdated or deprecated launcher, or your Spellbreak files are old.

This game cannot be launched on Steam, and you must use the Epic launcher. However, don’t worry if you bought the game, you can switch easily.

Two methods of fixing Connection Error in Spellbreak:

Outdated and/or Deprecated Launcher

If you played the game through the Spellbreak launcher or Steam, you need to download Epic Games. Furthermore, if you have played, you indeed would have received a 20-digit key on your email.

Make sure to check all of your email folders like spam, promotions, junk, etc. The email might end up in one of those. You can easily find the mail by searching “Proletariat” in the search bar.

After you find it, copy the key and insert it on the Epic Launcher.

Old Version of Spellbreak on Epic Games

If you have successfully switched launchers and still get this issue, it can be because of an old version.

The settings should be set to update your game on Epic Games by default automatically, but that might not always be the case.

To fix this, go to settings on Epic Games Launcher and find auto-update. If the auto-update is off, turn it on.

These are the only two methods of fixing this problem. Nevertheless, if you are still having issues contact the Proletariat support team or try reinstalling the game. Lastly, check your internet connection and make sure it is stable. Good luck!

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