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Spellbreak combines the tactical decision-making of FPS titles with magic, making for a unique RPG-infused shooting game. There are various spells to choose from, but you can also change your playstyle via Talents.

How to Get More Talent Points in Spellbreak

The problem is that you need Talent Points, but you can’t get any more.

To unlock better Talents, you need to level up their Classes and try out the different gauntlets. You can always check the Talent menu and plan on which ones to unlock. Keep on reading for the details.

What Are Talents in Spellbreak?

In Spellbreak, Talents are skills you can equip to modify aspects of your Mage and Class. When a match starts, the Talents will activate, and you can find Scrolls to upgrade them. Doing so makes you more effective in combat.

The Talents you unlock by default only cost one Talent Point, and there are others you need to unlock. Upon reaching Levels Three, Five, or Seven of each Class, you can use a new Talent. Any Class may equip any unlocked Talent, allowing for a personalized combat style.

There are three Talent Categories, namely:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit

You can spend Talent Points on one Talent in a category or none at all. The reason is that some Talents cost one Talent Point, while others require four. Depending on your build, you might use them all up or have a few points left over.

Not every Talent in Spellbreak is helpful, and expensive ones aren’t necessarily better as well. Take a look at your list of options to get a better idea of what suits your playstyle.

Getting Talent Points in Spellbreak

You already have seven Talent Points by default, and you can’t gain any more than that. Thus, you have to choose the Talents you want to use in battle carefully.

Once you run out of Talent Points, the only way to get them back is to unequip the Talents you used them on. You only do this to change your build, as you’ll always have enough to spend on other abilities.

You can spend as little as one Talent Point for a single Talent or seven on three of them. There are plenty of Talent combinations to test, and you won’t run out of builds to experiment with soon.

The Best Talents to Spend Talent Points On

Some Talents stand out among the rest, and you can rightfully call them “meta.” Let’s take a look at some of the most practical ones.

For the Mind Talents, Runic Fluency is the best. It gives you an extra Rune charge and decreases the cooldown by 5%. If your playstyle heavily relies on Runes, consider spending two Talent Points.

The Harmony Talent is perfect for Stoneshapers and Toxicologists who prefer close-range combat. It makes you immune to Slow, Freeze, and Shock, and you can keep on fighting. What’s more, you receive 5% less damage.

According to many players, the best Body Talent is Scavenging, which lets you gain some health and armor after exiling an opponent. Potions and shards tend to be scarce at the late game, and Scavenging will let you survive longer.

Fortitude is a defensive Talent that spawns a shield to absorb one source of damage before cooling down. However, other players who see the blue force field around you can bypass it with low-damage hits.

Spirit Talents are pretty powerful, so we’ll only delve into a few. One of the best ones is Thirsty, which lets you heal and replenish armor much faster and give nearby teammates 50% of the benefits. If you’re playing with others, everyone gets to heal up and fortify themselves.

Alternatively, you can use Recovery, a Talent that does what its name says. On taking damage, you gradually regain 50% of the health you lose.

What Build Should I Run?

Spellbreak’s Talent system is quite adequate, making testing out different Classes necessary if you wish to unlock Talents. You can then spend your Talent Points and devise the perfect build for your playstyle. The best part is that you don’t need to earn more Talent Points.

What build do you prefer to use in Spellbreak? What’s your favorite Talent? Please tell us what you think in the comments section.

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