Square Enix Producer Teases ‘Big Announcement’ for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth


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Square Enix may be gearing up for the release of Final Fantasy XVI right now, but they have also teased the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake, FFVII Rebirth.

Square Enix Producer Teases 'Big Announcement' for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

We haven’t gotten any significant update on the game yet, but with the New Year, producer Yoshinori Kitase (via GamingBolt) has teased development on the game and when we can get a new look. He says that the game’s production has been ‘accelerating’ and we could get our new look at the game ‘when the timing is right.’ For now, Square is just gearing up for a ‘big announcement’ for the game. We don’t know when that takes place, but with FFXVI set to release in June, I can imagine Square using that opportunity to hype up other entries in the Final Fantasy franchise.

Though a lot of fans are already pretty sure of the events of Final Fantasy VII, the Remake trilogy is promising to tell a completely different story with the same characters.

Some speculate that this is all possible through some kind of multiverse explanation, but a lot of fans are just happy that they can jump in on the hype when it comes to the world of gaming icons like Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa.

We don’t know when the ‘big announcement’ from Square is going to be, but I guess it will be around June with the release of Final Fantasy XVI.

No release date has been announced for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but some are speculating we could get the release sometime in the middle of 2024.

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