Star Wars Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts IV?



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While a lot of fans were excited for Square Enix’s announcement for Kingdom Hearts IV, there was some disappointment since we didn’t get any reveals as to which Disney worlds Sora will be travelling to this time. What’s interesting is, we could have gotten a reveal right under our noses.

Star Wars Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts IV?

Speculation has been going around that KHIV could be visiting a Star Wars planet, and @demo_sphere has pointed out that you can actually see the back of an AT-ST walker in one of the forest shots. Check this out:

If that doesn’t make you sure yet, you can check out the actual trailer at this timestamp:

Of course, we haven’t gotten an official reveal yet, but what else could that be in the trailer? If Kingdom Hearts could make Final Fantasy cross over with Disney, how much easier would it be for properties like Star Wars and Marvel?

Personally, with all the locations in Star Wars, I would have preferred if they pick a location that wasn’t Endor, but I guess it could be close to the Death Star so Sora could be going to that place as well. I’m sure fans are already geeking out over the possibilities of a lightsaber keyblade, but until the next reveal, all we can do is wait.

While I’m almost sure that Luke Skywalker would be the companion in the world, I’m hoping that we finally get some more Sequel Trilogy love and have the companion be Rey.

No release date has been announced for Kingdom Hearts IV, but fans are hoping it would come out sometime in 2023.

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