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Learn how to complete the Community Cleanup Quest in Stardew Valley!

How to Complete the Community Cleanup Quest in Stardew Valley

Linus is one of the most kindhearted but misunderstood residents in Pelican Town. You can say that he enjoys his privacy and does not like conforming to a standard way of living like the Wizard, but he cares about the environment more than any other character in the game. His request to tidy up the waters of Stardew Valley, called the Community Cleanup Quest, is a testament to his considerate nature.

If you decide to take this quest, you will be entrusted to gather 20 trash items from the ponds, rivers, and beaches. He will give you seven days to finish this task. Here is what you should know to start this quest and what you must do to fulfill good old Linus’ wish.

The Special Orders Board

To start this quest, go to the Mayor’s Manor and walk south to get to the Special Orders Board. But you must first reach Fall 2 in Year 1 to access the bulletin board.

CC SpecialOrders

The tasks that appear in the Special Orders Board are randomly generated, and they are a little more complicated and may take one to two weeks to finish. Each trash you collect from the waters will count as progress, and you must do the task while the quest is active.

Completing the “Community Cleanup” Quest

Like in real life, Stardew Valley does not run out of trash. Except for Joja Cola, items like Driftwood, Broken CDs, Soggy Newspapers, Broken Glasses, and Trash are needed to complete the task. Here are some easy yet effective methods to collect trash fast:

Go Fishing

CC Fishing

One of the quickest ways to get trash is to reel them in from the waters. However, players who have maxed out their fishing skills have a higher chance of getting quality fish instead of trash.

The key to fishing out junk is to find a spot with a low fish population, like the lakes in The Mines (Floors 20, 60, and 100) or the pond in a Standard Farm. The water outside the Bathhouse near the Railroad is also a good spot to get some trash. Pick the right location to fish, and you will get a dozen pieces of trash in one day.

Check out Garbage Cans

CC Trash

Digging through the trash cans while walking around Pelican Town is another fun way to obtain trash. You may sometimes acquire resources like coal from litter bins, but you will most likely get rubbish. Do not let the villagers witness you rummaging through garbage, as you will receive a negative response from them—except when it is Linus.

Use Crab Pots

CC CrabPots2

If you have your hands full with other tasks, you can try an efficient, passive method to collect trash, and that is using Crab Pots. Crab Pots are items you can put on the shores of lakes, ponds, or beaches. Put some bait inside them, and you will find some marine creatures inside the pots the next day. Often, pieces of litter get caught in these Crab Pots. But if you have the Mariner Profession, the likelihood of you getting trash from Crab Pots is slim to none. 

Soak in all the Bad Luck

CC Badluck

Most of the time, getting bad luck means staying out of the mines or the waters. You would not want to waste your time getting ambushed by enemies in the dungeons or reeling in more trash items than fish. But if you take this quest, consider it your lucky day if the spirits have bestowed you with terrible luck. Since your luck influences every activity, you will get a higher chance of getting rubbish materials when fishing or using crab pots on unlucky days. So if the fortune teller declares that luck is not on your side today, it is a good day to fish out pieces of trash from the waters.

Quest Rewards

CC Trashbin

Once you are done collecting 20 pieces of trash, you can go to the train platform at the Railroad and leave the items in the trash bin. Linus will reward you with 500g, the recipe for making Fiber Seeds, and Friendship points. And if you head to the mountains during the day, a cutscene involving Linus enjoying a bath in the lake will play out.

Perhaps feeling satisfied with the outcome, Linus will not request a community clean-up again, and thus, you can complete the quest once.

CC FeaturedImg

And that is all you need to do to complete the Community Cleanup quest. More fun and challenging quests are waiting to be fulfilled in Stardew Valley, so take on more quests to earn more valuable rewards!

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