How to Complete the “Juicy Bugs Wanted!” Quest in Stardew Valley


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Learn how to complete the “Juicy Bugs Wanted!” quest in Stardew Valley!

How to Complete the

The ‘Juicy Bugs Wanted!’ quest is a special order provided by Willy wherein you must gather 100 Bug Meat and deliver them to him before the end of the week. The challenge may seem easy, but collecting this amount of monster loot can be difficult in your first year.

Willy is a fisherman you can befriend in Stardew Valley, and some may argue that he is one of the best characters in the game.

He gives you a fishing rod for free the first time you meet and occasionally teaches you the ways of fishing. Willy is also the one who introduces you to Ginger Island.

And his boat is the only transportation you can use to get there. That is until you get Warp Totem: Island or the Island Obelisk.

Willy’s love for Crabs comes up a lot in the game. Hence, he will ask you to get him 100 Bug Meat as he thinks they are a crab’s favorite food.

Quest Prerequisites

BugM Quest

You may randomly come across Willy’s quest on the Special Orders Board. The board is located south of Mayor Lewis’ House and across from the bridge leading to the beach.

It will be unlocked after encountering a cutscene as you go to Pelican Town in Fall 2, Year 1.

Once the quest is accepted, you will be given seven days to complete it. However, that depends on which day of the week you encounter the quest.

If you accept the quest on a Wednesday, you will have until Sunday to complete it. Therefore, your limit is five days.

You can only turn in the requested items while the quest is active. Any crab you collected before the quest will not be counted.

Completing the ‘Juicy Bugs Wanted’ Quest

Cave Insects are the only monsters in the game that drop Bug Meat. To get 100 Bug Meat in a week, you can hunt for Bugs, Cave Flies, Grubs, Mutant Flies, and Mutant Grubs, which are found in these locations:

The Mines


If you haven’t gotten deep in the mines, and you’re wondering where to find insects that can give you Bug Meat, worry not!

Dungeon diving a hundred floors deep is not necessarily needed to acquire more Bug Meat. All you have to do is stay in the Mines’ upper levels.

Floors 25 to 29 are where you can commonly find Cave Flies. These are insects that can fly through walls and follow you anywhere.

Grubs are white worms that nest in cavern floors. They’re easier to defeat but turn into Cave Flies if you do not deal with them immediately. You can also catch them while they are still in their larval stage.

Bugs that like to fly back and forth in a fixed trail are often also seen on Floors 21 to 29. They are considered one of the weakest enemies as they are passive and can be killed in one hit.

You can spend a whole day farming for Bug Meat on a lucky day. Go to a floor ridden with insects and wipe them out.

To make them respawn, head to the elevator, back to the first level, and return to the bug-infested floors. Do this method repeatedly until you gather a hundred Bug Meat.

Other Places to Look For Insects:

Skull Cavern


The Skull Cavern is a great place to mine resources like Diamonds or Iridium Ores. This is also where you can locate a cave insect called an Armored Bug.

They are similar to Bugs in the Mines; they can be defeated in one hit, but you can not slice through them with a common weapon.

Armored Bugs are indestructible unless you use a weapon with the Bug Killer enchantment to defeat them. Your weapons can be enchanted and fortified at the Forge in the Volcano Dungeon.

Mutant Bug Lair


The Mutant Bug Lair is a place sealed and hidden in The Sewers. It can only be accessed while doing a quest for the Wizard. The Wizard will ask you to get the Dark Talisman, which Krobus keeps hidden inside the Mutant Bug Lair.

If you are simultaneously looking for Fiber and farming Bug Meat, the Mutant Bug Lair is the place to be. Inside the lair, you will encounter Mutant Grubs and Mutant Flies. They are the stronger, radioactive versions of cavern grubs and flies.

Quest Rewards

BugM QuestComplete

Once you gather 100 Bug Meat, drop them all inside the bin next to Willy’s fish shop to complete the task.

Finishing the quest will earn you 3,000g and a Quality Bobber. You’ll also get a special cutscene featuring Willy fishing if you enter the beach a day after turning in the requested items. 

BugM Willy

If you fail to give Willy 100 Bug Meat, you can try the quest again when you see it on the Special Orders Board.

You won’t encounter this quest again after finishing it. However, you can continue hunting for cave insects. It will be beneficial since killing enough cave insects will earn you the Insect Head, a weapon you can acquire from Gil in the Adventurer’s Guild. 

Stocking up on Bug Meat is also highly recommended to build your fishing skill. Bug Meat can be turned into Bait, Wild Bait, and Magic Bait. These items are guaranteed to help you effectively reel in fish.

And that is all you need to do to complete the ‘Juicy Bugs Wanted!’ quest. More fun and challenging quests are waiting to be fulfilled in Stardew Valley, so take on more quests to earn more valuable rewards!

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