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There is much to be said for Stardew Valley and its expansive content. You could spend most of your hours running around town while tending to your farm, and you will still be left with thousands of tasks to finish at the end of the day. Thankfully, you wouldn’t need to worry about raising mass crops in winter, you could explore the game at a more relaxed pace. Although this begs the question, will you still be able to acquire a decent income during this season?

The answer is yes. Below is a list of activities you can do in winter, and how your virtual farm can be cultivated even in such a cold climate.


Mining in caverns is the best way to obtain valuable artifacts, which can either be sold, crafted, or donated to the local museum. Selling a few ores may only grant you a small fortune, but doing copious amounts of mining is both beneficial and practical in leveling up your character’s skills and collecting various treasures.

Before you begin exploring the mines, pack up a good amount of consumables that will replenish your energy and health. You could purchase some food from The Stardrop Saloon, although it would be cheaper if you could prepare the food on your own. But if you don’t have access to the kitchen yet, you could do some foraging along the way to the mines. 

In winter, there are crystal fruits that you can pick up throughout Stardew Valley. You might be able to see worms in the ground or artifact spots that you can till using a hoe. There’s a good chance that you can dig up some fruit yams or winter roots in these spots.

Keep an eye out for colorful rocks or nodes that drop minerals. With a stroke of luck, you can dig up a diamond that is worth 750 gold each. Having a cherry bomb or a bomb in your inventory can be very useful in stunning enemies and looting items. Try to hoard as many items in the mines as you can before you run out of energy and time.

Raise Animals 

Raising animals in this game requires saving up a lot of money and resources. You may feel a little discouraged after spending a fortune building a coop or a barn, but it will all be worth it, especially during the wintertime.

Building a basic chicken coop is the first step in building your ranch. Having at least two coops or having your chicken coop upgraded is recommended during this season. An iridium quality egg can give you 100 gold per piece, so petting your chickens every day will help you build your relationship with them as well as raise the quality of their eggs. Buying a heater for their coop will also make your chickens happy.

Purchasing dairy animals like cows and goats is also a worthy investment in the long run. A high-quality cow’s milk is worth 380 gold per jug.

Even as they remain all cozied up inside their barn, pigs will still be able to give you truffles in winter. One iridium truffle costs around 1,250 gold, so it’s a good idea to have a deluxe barn during this period, too.

Make sure you’ve got plentiful of hay inside your silo. Remember to visit Marnie’s Ranch that is accessible each day from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, except on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Special orders

If you become good friends with your neighbors, you will frequently receive items from them. Food, recipes, and sometimes, money enclosed in letters are some of the things they give you once they have taken a liking to you.

To effectively increase your level of affinity with the NPCs, you need to go out of your way to provide them gifts they like, or you can regularly check the notices outside of Pierre’s shop to do some tasks for them.

Special orders have been an added feature in the version 1.5 update, and the quests you can fetch here take much longer to complete but can give you decent rewards. For instance, gathering 100 pieces of bug meat for Willy and successfully finishing the task will earn you a quality bobber and 3,000 gold.

Another special order that is worth completing in winter is Cave Patrol. If you accept this quest, you will be tasked to slay different kinds of monsters in the local cavern, and if successful, you will receive a Geode Crusher and 6,000 gold.


It goes without saying that in this game, most crops don’t grow in the snow. Farming in this season and making a profit off it can only be made possible if you have managed to unlock the greenhouse by completing a bundle quest in the community center in your first year.

Nevertheless, if you do miss taking care of crops after days of mining and fetching quest, planting wild seeds is the way to go. Wild seeds are just like fiber seeds; both are resilient enough to withstand winter, but crops that grow from wild seeds are unquestionably more profitable.

Raising your foraging skill to level 7 will award you a crafting recipe for wild seeds. These seeds will produce an assortment of foraged crops like crystal fruits and snow yams.

Crows aren’t really a problem in winter, so you can plant these seeds just as usual and care for them just like how you grew crops in the previous seasons. These crops will quickly mature after watering them for seven days.


Players who are into collecting items deem fishing a rewarding activity to do in this game. The satisfaction you can get from reeling in a perfect catch is already an achievement in itself. Perfecting your catch, of course, will grant you iridium quality fish. An iridium quality ice pip, for example, is worth 1,000 gold. Along with the blobfish, you can catch them in the mines on the ice-bound 60th floor.

Having an icy climate doesn’t mean that you can no longer fish outside the mines in winter. You can still spot most of these fish in the mountain lake, the ocean, or Cindersap forest.

The Night Market is an event that occurs on the beach from Winter 15 to Winter 17, and these are the best moments to catch some exotic and valuable fish. Spookfish is one of the most unusual-looking ones, and it costs around 220 gold.

Glacierfish is a legendary fish that only spawns in winter. You can only catch one per season, and an iridium quality Glacierfish sells for a price of 2,000 gold.

There is always an option of keeping these fish in fish ponds instead of selling or cooking them. You’d be surprised at the amount of profit you can get from sturgeon roe that you can preserve into caviars. You can sell caviars for 500 gold per jar. Imagine shipping a whole bunch of these every day during this season!

What winter activities do you enjoy doing the most in Stardew Valley?

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