How to Complete the “Qi’s Crop” Quest in Stardew Valley


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Learn how to complete the “Qi’s Crop” quest in Stardew Valley!

How to Complete the

Mr. Qi is an enigmatic character in Stardew Valley who plays a vital role in giving you various quests to encourage you to become the best farmer you can ever be. One of the quests given by Mister Qi is called ‘Qi’s Crops,’ in which he asks you to get 500 Qi Fruit shipped before one month passes. Find out how to get this quest done in this guide!

Qi Fruit is a crop that will only become available once you accept the ‘Qi’s Crop’ quest. The quest can be found in a room at Ginger Island. Note that spoilers will be for those who haven’t reached this part of the game.

Quest Requirements

QisCrops WalnutRoom

Mr. Qi has a Special Orders Board inside the Walnut Room, where he posts various challenges for you. The room is initially inaccessible, but you can get inside after collecting all 130 Golden Walnuts scattered around Ginger Island.

For players who have not been to Ginger Island yet, you can check out this handy guide on how to get there.

You have 28 days to complete this quest, but the actual time limit depends on what day of the month you accepted it. For example, if you encounter this quest in Fall 15, you will have 13 days to fulfill it.

Completing the ‘Qi’s Crop’ Quest in Stardew Valley

I’ve hidden Qi Beans throughout the world. Find them, grow them, propagate them, and ship 500 Qi Fruit within the time limit.

-Mr. Qi

QisCrop QiBeans

As mentioned in the text above, Mr. Qi challenges you to find Qi Beans, like seeds you can grow and cultivate to acquire Qi Fruit. Qi Beans are obtained by:

  • Mining rocks 
  • Chopping trees and stumps 
  • Fishing 
  • Digging artifact spots 
  • Cutting Wild Grass
  • Killing monsters
  • Breaking open geodes 
  • Destroying crates and barrels in dungeons
  • Opening chests
  • Rummaging trash cans 
  • Shaking palm trees

Gather at least 20 to 30 Qi Beans before you plant them. It takes four days for Qi Beans to grow into Qi Fruit. After harvesting your first batch of Qi Fruit, put them all in your Seed Makers to produce more Qi Beans.

While waiting for your second batch of Qi Fruit to mature, you can look for more Qi Beans to make swift progress in the quest.

Ideally, you can dedicate most of the space on your farm to planting Qi Beans to harvest 500 Qi Fruit. You can also accept this quest during winter and fill your farm with Qi Fruit, as these crops grow mostly in a cold climate.

QisCrops IslandFarm

The Ginger Island Farm has soil that can retain fertilizer even after harvesting crops if you plant them again on the same day. You can enrich your crops with Deluxe Speed-Gro to hasten their growth speed. These fertilizers can be bought at Pierre’s General Store for 40g each.

If you choose the Agriculturist profession, you can grow and harvest your crops significantly faster. If you have already picked another profession, you can switch to Agriculturist by offering 10,000g to the Statue of Uncertainty in the Sewers.

Quest Rewards

QisCrops Rewards

Finishing the quest will earn you a whopping 100 Qi Gems! Use these Gems to buy items that maximize crop production, like the Hyper Speed-Gro recipe or some Enrichers.

You can repeat this quest as many times as you like. However, after completing the challenge, all Qi Fruit and Qi Beans will disappear from your inventory, chests, jars, and kegs. Before ending the quest, you might want to use Qi Fruit as a material for tailoring to acquire a clothing accessory called Qi Mask.

If you sell some of your extra Qi Fruit to Pierre before finishing the task, you can purchase them back the next day as they will not despawn from the store. Doing this will give you some Qi Beans in your stash without needing to farm them.

And that is all you need to do to complete the Qi’s Crop quest. Many more fun and challenging quests are waiting to be fulfilled in Stardew Valley, so take on more quests to earn more valuable rewards!

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