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Stardew Valley update 1.5 just came out and among many new additions to the game, a lot of new content has been implemented on Ginger Island!

Stardew Valley: How to Get to Ginger Island

It might be a tad difficult to get to Ginger Island though. This is because the biggest part of getting to this island is completing quests accordingly, so that the game unlocks the island for you.

Willy the NPC will be the one which will prompt you to unlock the island. However, he won’t tell you explicitly that he has a plat to go to Ginger Island. Instead, you will be asked to assist him in a couple of activities, and if you do, you will unlock this interesting island.

How to Get to Ginger Island – Stardew Valley

So, what are the requirements needed to unlock the Ginger Island? There are only two things that you need to do to get the ability to go there.

One of them is finishing the Community Center completely, and the other one is completing all of the base quest from Willy!

So, before anything, make sure to finish both your Community Center, and any quests that you have left with Willy. In the 1.5 update it is quite different to get to the Ginger Island, as we can apparently see.

After you have done both of the things mentioned above, kindly go a couple of days past the Community Center and you should receive a mail from Willy.

It will state that he has opened a secret room behind his shop, and to come by whenever you have time, because he will have something to show you. When you get there and enter the secret room, you will see a canal and a roughed-up boat.

Agree to fix his boat and provide all of the materials needed to finish this task. Next, you don’t need to wait for it, you can go to bed, because the boat will fix overnight.

The boat will get fixed, and there will be a ticket station built here. Then, you can buy a ticket for 1000 gold and go to the infamous Ginger Island!

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