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Learn how to feed chickens in Stardew Valley!

How To Feed Chickens in Stardew Valley

Keeping up with all your animals in Stardew Valley is a bit difficult. They need to be fed, pet, or kept happy. However, while this is a known thing among Stardew Valley players, most new players might wonder how to feed chickens. After all, this is the first animal players will come across and get in the early game. So, how do you do it?

How To Feed Chickens – Stardew Valley

Like any other animal in the game, the animal needs to be kept happy to have some quality produce. That includes petting and feeding, as we mentioned above. So, regular quality feeding equals high-quality eggs and big eggs.

In the case of chickens, they can be fed in two ways in Stardew Valley. The first one includes letting your chickens eat grass. But this only goes for soft grass, instead of the hard grass that players cut with a scythe.

Players must let the chickens out of the coop to feed their chickens grass. To do that, stand outside the coop or any other building, and next to the door you use to enter, there will be another door you can right-click to open. The key bind may be different for you.

Doing this will let the chickens out of the farm building, but just as a reference, if they’re not coming out, it might be winter, rain, or night. If that’s the case, the chickens won’t go outside.

There is another option to feed your chickens as well.

The second food that chickens will consume is hay. Hay can be bought from Marnie, or you can harvest that from grass using the infamous scythe.

However, players will need to construct a silo if they want to start harvesting hay. It can be created like any other farm building in the game.

To feed chickens hay, there is a thing that lets you place food on the back of the coop. From there, chickens will start consuming the hay.

That depends only on whether you have the normal or upgraded coop, as the upgraded one has automatic machinery that feeds the chickens.

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