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Learn everything you need to know about The Night Market in Stardew Valley!

The Night Market Stardew Valley Guide

Every 15th of Winter, Pelican Town opens its local Beach to vendors from different towns to set up their shops in the Night Market. Citizens flock over the docks to see all the festival’s shops and attractions; there’s a good reason why everyone looks forward to this event every year.

What are the items worth buying at this festival? What other things could you do besides hauling goods from the shops? Today, we will tour the Night Market and see what the festival offers.

The Night Market is a three-day event between the 15th and 17th of Winter in Stardew Valley. It is a mesmerizing, eye-catching festival that allows you to browse a selection of items you can only purchase here. For first-time players, it’s an event you wouldn’t want to miss since the items sold in some shops rotate each night.

Night Market Shops in Stardew Valley

The shops are easily the highlight of the festival. Many shops in the Night Market sell their goods from boats, and most are available from 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

Traveling Cart

NM TravelingCart2

The Traveling Merchant is at the dock with her signature purple cart on a raft and her pet pig floating in an inflatable ring. Players who have already repaired their Greenhouse during this time would appreciate the assortment of items the Traveling Merchant has for this event. If you’re wondering where to get blueberry seeds during winter, the Merchant sells a variety of seasonal crop seeds that rotate every night. The Merchant also sells her usual stock, including the recipe for the Wedding Ring.

Famous Artist Lupini

NM Lupini

The Night Market features a famous painter named Lupini. You’ll see the artist standing on the dock and displaying a painting beside him. Lupini exhibits his artworks that cost 1,200 Gold each, but he changes them each night. He also sells a different set of paintings every year until Year 3. The good thing is when you reach Year 4, you’ll be able to purchase the paintings you missed in your first year. Below is the list of all the Lupini paintings you can collect and hang on your wall:

·         Year 1

  • Winter 15: Red Eagle
  • Winter 16: Portrait of a Mermaid
  • Winter 17: Solar Kingdom

·         Year 2

  • Winter 15: Clouds
  • Winter 16: 1,000 Years From Now
  • Winter 17: Three Trees

·         Year 3

  • Winter 15: The Serpent
  • Winter 16: Tropical Fish # 173
  • Winter 17: Land of Clay

Magic Shop Boat

NM MagicShopBoat2

You’ll be able to spot the Magic Shop Boat next to Lupini. Peeking from inside the boat is a Mysterious Vendor with glowing red eyes. There’s also a bouncing parrot standing atop the boat’s lantern.

Like the Traveling Merchant, the Mysterious Vendor sells crop seeds, decorative items, and some unique goods you won’t find anywhere else. However, most items sold here are considerably cheaper than the ones in the Traveling Cart. The items for sale that are listed below also rotate every night:

·         Winter 15

  • Bean Starter (60g)
  • Cauliflower Seeds (80g)
  • Garlic Seeds (40g)
  • Jazz Seeds (30g)
  • Kale Seeds (70g)
  • Parsnip Seeds (20g)
  • Potato Seeds (50g)
  • Tulip Bulb (20g)
  • Cone Hat (5,000g)
  • Grave Stone (200g)
  • Stone Frog (500g)
  • Iridium Fireplace (15,000g)
  • Rarecrow # 7 (5,000g)
  • Rarecrow # 8 (5,000g)

·         Winter 16

  • Blueberry Seeds (80g)
  • Corn Seeds (150g)
  • Hops Seeds (100g)
  • Melon Seeds (80g)
  • Pepper Seeds (40g)
  • Poppy Seeds (100g)
  • Radish Seeds (40g)
  • Red Cabbage Seeds (100g)
  • Sunflower Seeds (200g)
  • Spangle Seeds (50g)
  • Tomato Seeds (50g)
  • Wheat Seeds (10g)
  • Cone Hat (2,500)
  • Stone Parrot (500g)
  • Suit of Armor (200g)
  • Iridium Fireplace (15,000g)
  • Rarecrow # 7 (5,000g)
  • Rarecrow # 8 (5,000g)

·         Winter 17

  • Amaranth Seeds (70g)
  • Artichoke Seeds (30g)
  • Bok Choy Seeds (50g)
  • Corn Seeds (150g)
  • Cranberry Seeds (240g)
  • Eggplant Seeds (20g)
  • Fairy Seeds (200g)
  • Grape Seeds (60g)
  • Pumpkin Seeds (100g)
  • Sunflower Seeds (200g)
  • Wheat Seeds (10g)
  • Yam Seeds (60g)
  • Cone Hat (10,000g)
  • Log Section (200g)
  • Stone Owl (500g)
  • Iridium Fireplace (15,000g)
  • Rarecrow # 7 (5,000g)
  • Rarecrow # 8 (5,000g)

As you may have noticed, the price of the Cone Hat changes daily. The Cone Hat gets more affordable on Winter 16, so buying it on that day will save you a ton. You should note that Garlic Seeds, Red Cabbage Seeds, and Artichoke Seeds are only available for purchase in Year 2.

Decoration Boat

NM DecorationsBoat

Walking a little further to the left from the Magic Shop Boat, you’ll get to the Decoration Boat. The vendor specializes in seasonal decorations that you put outdoors, but there are also some that you can display inside your house. Here are the items you can buy from the Decoration Boat:

  • Big Green Cane (200g)
  • Green Canes (200g)
  • Mixed Cane (200g)
  • Red Canes (200g)
  • Big Red Cane (200g)
  • Plain Torch (800g)
  • Stump Torch (800g)
  • Clouds Banner (1,000g)
  • Seasonal Decor (500g)
  • Six Different Seasonal Plants (500g)

Other Attractions

Shops aren’t the only attractions you’ll see at this festival. You can also watch a boat show, get freebies, and ride a submarine that lets you catch some of the rarest fish ever. These attractions open at 5:00 PM and close at 2:00 AM, except for the Fishing Submarine and the Mermaid Boat.

Desert Trader

NM DesertTrader

The Desert Trader can be located just a few steps from the Decoration Boat. You’ll find her sitting on a rug beside a coffee maker machine. The trader will not sell you coffee. Instead, she will give you one cup of coffee – for free!

Fishing Submarine

NM Sub

To the left of the Desert Trader is the Fishing Submarine. Inside the Submarine, a Captain’ll ask you if you want to take a fishing tour while inside his ship. The Captain isn’t as generous as the Desert Trader, though, as one fishing tour costs 1,000 Gold.

The Submarine will plunge deep into the ocean while you wait for one and a half hours of in-game minutes. After that, a hatch will open up in the ship’s center. Down there, you can fish some deep-sea creatures exclusive to this event. The table below lists all the fish and items you can catch while underwater:

Deep-Sea FishBase Sell PriceSilverGoldIridium
Blobfish  500g

Fisher Profession: 625g
Angler Profession: 750g

Fisher Profession: 781g
Angler Profession: 937g

Fisher Profession: 937g
Angler Profession: 1,125g

Fisher Profession: 1,250g
Angler Profession: 1,500g

Fisher Profession:  275g
Angler Profession: 330g

Fisher Profession: 343g
Angler Profession:  412g

Fisher Profession: 412g
Angler Profession: 495g

Fisher Profession: 550g
Angler Profession: 660g
Midnight Squid100g

Fisher Profession:  125g
Angler Profession: 150g

Fisher Profession:  156g
Angler Profession: 187g

Fisher Profession:  187g
Angler Profession: 225g

Fisher Profession:  250g
Angler Profession: 300g
Sea Cucumber75g

Fisher Profession: 93g
Angler Profession: 112g

Fisher Profession:  116g
Angler Profession: 139g

Fisher Profession:  140g
Angler Profession: 168g

Fisher Profession:  187g
Angler Profession: 225g
Super Cucumber250g

Fisher Profession:  312g
Angler Profession: 375g

Fisher Profession:  390g
Angler Profession: 468g

Fisher Profession:  468g
Angler Profession: 562g

Fisher Profession: 625g
Angler Profession: 750g

Fisher Profession:  187g
Angler Profession: 225g

Fisher Profession:  233g
Angler Profession: 280g

Fisher Profession:  281g
Angler Profession: 337g

Fisher Profession:  375g
Angler Profession: 450g

Mermaid Boat

NM MermaidBoat

The Mermaid Boat is one of the main attractions of the festival. It features a mermaid singing and putting on a spectacular show for whoever enters the boat.

When you enter the boat, the mermaid will start singing. If you wait for the show to finish, you can click the clam shells on the stage and notice that each clamshell will produce a sound.

NM MermaidShow

At first, you might think that the Mermaid Show only aims to entertain the player. But if you could dig out Secret Note # 15, you’ll discover a puzzle you can solve here.

To solve this puzzle, interact with the clam shells in this order: 1-5-4-2-3 (from left to right). If you successfully play the correct musical notes, you’ll obtain a Pearl.

Shrouded Figure

NM Shrouded

The Night Market is packed with scenic spots and features that will eat up your time in Stardew Valley. Should you forget to bring a Warp Totem to the Festival, you can pass out when the clock strikes at 2 AM.

Fortunately, there’s a man wrapped in a dark blue garment called the Shrouded Figure at this festival. He is found in the center of the docks with a levitating Warp Totem, which signifies he can transport you home. Talk to the Shrouded Figure; he can magically warp you back to your farm for 250 gold.

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