Stardew Valley Update 1.5 Will Add Advanced Options and a Beach Farm With Little Soil


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Stardew Valley updates are hotly anticipated. And none less so than 1.5, which may just be the very last patch to be unveiled for the game. Alas, I can’t provide you a date for its release, but I can share a few more details about the changes it will bring. One of these is designed to challenge you, whilst the other is set to give you a little more control on how things unfold. Yet, they’re both guaranteed to keep you enthralled in its world for many more hours to come.

Stardew Valley Update 1.5 Will Add Advanced Options and a Beach Farm With Little Soil
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The first change comes in the form of a new farm setting, which will be located on a shoreline next to the sea. Unsurprisingly, the sand will take centre stage there – with very little traditional soil being scattered about – so your future harvests will be tricky to achieve. But the most challenging part will come from its soft ground that doesn’t allow you to use sprinklers. I just hope you’ve got a few watering cans to hand…
Then there’s the Advanced Game Options menu, which will be found at the start of any new game. There, in addition to selecting your farm and character’s appearance, you’ll also be able to choose whether you want to guarantee the completion of all Community Centre bundles in the first year (this ensures the cabbage makes an appearance far sooner than usual). Monsters can be toggled to spawn on your farm (or not). And there’s even an option to change the type of rewards that drop in the mine.
Finally, there will be the option of allowing new or varied bundles. Selecting ‘classic’ will see no change here. Otherwise variations in fish or harvest type have a chance of “cropping up” (pardon the pun ūüôā ), which will help to freshen things up a little.
The update has just hit computers. So, we console users can expect it sometime in the New Year. In the meantime, though, I bet Stardew Valley will still manage to keep us entertained over the festive period – change or no change.

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