Starfield is ‘nowhere near done,’ says Jason Schreier


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Some in the video game universe have suggested that development on Starfield, the upcoming release from Bethesda Game Studios, is in its final stages. Others have said the game could even arrive this year. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, however, seems iffy about that. He arrived on Twitter this morning and, quoting a tweet from YouTuber Luke Stephens, decided to pour some cold water on those claims.

Starfield is 'nowhere near done,' says Jason Schreier

“Apparently, Starfield has been ‘pretty much done” since September of last year,” Stephens wrote.

“Rumors like this keep floating around,” Schreier said in response, “but Starfield is nowhere near done, according to several ppl familiar with development.”

Schreier added that the game will have a presence at the upcoming E3 digital event in June, but said “the planned release date I’ve heard is way later than most people expect.”

Starfield is hotly anticipated for a number of reasons. It is Bethesda’s first crack at a sci-fi RPG, for starters. Reports also suggest that it could be a PC and Xbox exclusive title, offering a first look at the return on investment Microsoft could get from its acquisition of Bethesda.

Of course, with many people hearing many different things, it’s tough to pin down who exactly is right in this instance. The only way to know Starfield‘s release date for sure is to wait for an official announcement, if not more definitive sourcing (via a highly convincing leak of some sort).

We’re going to keep our eyes on the game and the news around it, and will of course have coverage of E3 2021 as that unfolds. Should more news about when Starfield is coming arrive, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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