Step Into a Psychedelic Horror Game with Story Trailer for The Chant



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Supermassive Games’ The Quarry released in June, and now Prime Matter is ready to give us a look at their upcoming horror game which looks like a twist on the scary cult genre.

Step Into a Psychedelic Horror Game with Story Trailer for The Chant

Watch the story trailer for The Chant:

Welcome to the Prismic Science Spiritual Retreat on remote Glory Island. Discard your baggage from the past and transform your Gloom to Glory! When a ritualistic chant goes wrong, the combined negative energy of the group opens up a dimension of cosmic terror. To survive, you must uncover a cult mystery of both past and present as the others slowly go mad from a host of parasitic creatures.

While I originally thought this was going to be the same kind of storytelling horror that The Quarry was, it looks like The Chant might actually have some traditional shooter/platformer elements to it. Not only will you be able to fight against these psychedelic monsters, but you’ll also be able to access some kind of trippy powers to go against them.

At least, that’s what it looks like with this trailer. Hopefully we get a more expansive look at the gameplay soon.

I’ll admit, it’s a pretty unique twist on the genre, and it’s going to be interesting to watch the story unfold as you unlock more powers and fall into some trippier visuals. With the game set to come out sometime this fall, maybe it’s the perfect thing to get into for the Halloween season.

The Chant launches for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC sometime later this fall.

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