Subnautica Below Zero: Shipwreck Salvage Location


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There is an endless world in Subnautica Below Zero, that can be explored. During your exploration, you must collect resources which you can use for crafting, to progress in the game. There are shipwrecks in the water, which have a lot of valuable resources, one of which is salvage. Salvage can be used for crafting multiple things in Subnautica. Today, we will showcase the shipwreck’s salvage location!

Subnautica Below Zero: Shipwreck Salvage Location

Shipwreck Salvage Location – Subnautica Below Zero

Titanium, which is a frequently used material in the game, can be found in large quantities in the salvage. This is the main reason why it is such a good idea to get the salvage as fast as possible.

The shipwreck can be found in the water. However, the exact location of the shipwreck salvage is at 55, 0, -921. There, you will find the ship.

Look for an entrance on the front of the ship. The front of the ship will be destroyed, and there is a small space a player can crawl through on the right side of the ship. Players cannot go through here with the submarine.

So, go through the opening on the ship, then open the sealed door on the left by cutting it open. Then, go upwards to where the stairs lead. On the other side of the battery-looking object, players will find another sealed door.

Cut this door as well. Inside, players will find the shipwreck salvage.

Now, there are a lot more stuff to be acquired from the ship, so take your time and explore the whole ship to gather some resources.

There are other shipwrecks in the game which are full of nuclear reactors and shipwreck salvages.

The shipwreck salvage can be used for the radio tower of your base. To fix it, players will need the shipwreck salvage, and an advanced wiring kit.

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Subnautica Below Zero is available on: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X, Nintendo Switch, PC, & Mac!

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