Subnautica Below Zero Autosave: Is Autosave Available


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Subnautica Below Zero is one of the most well-renowned water survival games. Quite frankly, that is not the only thing its got going for it. In fact, there are a lot of mechanics in the game, both in-water survival, and survival on land. So, it can be easily said that there is quite a lot to do. But while playing the game, does it autosave? Is autosave available in Subnautica Below Zero?

Subnautica Below Zero Autosave: Is Autosave Available

Is Autosave Available – Subnautica Below Zero

The most common issue that players had with the predecessor was just that, no autosave. There were instances where players would lose upwards of 8 hours of progress due to a crash. Because of that, many moved away from this game, mainly because of frustration.

So, is this time around any different, has this feature been added to Below Zero? The short answer is, no, there is not autosave available in Subnautica Below Zero!

This is very surprising to me, and I’m guessing many players out there. The autosave function is taken for granted nowadays. Long are the days where players would save the game every fifteen minutes, fearing a crash was near.

But what possible reason is there for not having this function? Well, frankly, nobody knows. What was happening in the first installment of Subnautica, continues with the newest game, with players losing hours of progress at a time.

There is a manual save option to save your progress, but nowadays, it seems very inconvenient. So, if you had the game minimized and shut your system down, or the game crashed, poof, all of your progress you made in that session is gone.

Players have been vocal on this topic both for the original Subnautica game, and this one as well, but there is no official information on whether the developers are thinking about introducing this functionality.

There was certaintly no initiative with the predecessor to do so.

The community has found ways around this issue though. There are mods which introduce autosaves in the game, however, in some cases, they might be a bit complex for installation, and they’re only available on PC.

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