How to Get Ancient Coins in Summoners War


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There are several currencies in Summoners War, and not all of them are easy to obtain. Ancient Coins are among the most elusive currencies, only obtainable through certain events. This rarity makes them highly valuable for players, especially new players without access to high-grade loot and monsters. Ancient Coins serve as one of the better goals for a F2P (free-to-play) player since they can get some of the most useful monsters from the shop with them.

How to Get Ancient Coins in Summoners War

This article will explain how to get Ancient Coins in Summoners War and what you can do with them.

How to Get Ancient Coins in Summoners War

Unfortunately, there’s no fixed way of getting this precious currency on demand. So far, the only source of Ancient Coins has been time-limited events. This limitation means that Ancient Coins are always scarce and require some time and effort to get them through the event quest track.

Worse yet, since these events disappear after a while, there are no ways to backtrack and get Ancient Coins from the events you missed. It puts new players at a significant disadvantage compared to the veterans who were playing the game when the Coins were first introduced, before the official opening of the Ancient Magic Shop.

On the flip side, most of the events that give out quests for Ancient Coins are not particularly difficult to complete. Some Ancient Coins are simply found as a reward for logging into the game. Seasoned players could have amassed at least 1,500 Ancient Coins by going through the event tracks, and that was only in a few years.

Given the game’s continuous popularity and frequent updates, there’s no reason to believe that the rate of events with Ancient Coin rewards will slow down any time soon.

How to Use Ancient Coins in Summoners War?

The only way to use Ancient Coins in the game is through the Ancient Magic Shop. This shop interface deals exclusively in Ancient Coins as the currency. There are a few mundane options available, which may be less desirable for a new player. However, there are also more lucrative items like unique monster summoning pieces.

One of the best ways to use your first few batches of Ancient Coins is on these monster pieces. There are three worthwhile options to choose from:

  • Light Fairy Fran – 10 pieces for 25 Ancient Coins, 40 pieces needed for a full summon
  • Light Ifrit Ershalion – 10 pieces for 50 Ancient Coins, 100 pieces needed for a full summon
  • Vampire Lord Eirgar – 10 pieces for 50 Ancient Coins, 100 pieces needed for a full summon

The final monster option is the Dark Cow Girl Cassie, with the same price and requirements as Fran, but she’s not so much of a priority.

Fran is perhaps one of the most useful support monsters in the game, frequently finding a spot in competitive strategies. She can also be leveled up through regular Fairy drops, making her relatively easy to rank up to maximum power.

Apart from purchasing new monster summons, the Ancient Magic Shop also offers items obtainable through other currencies:

  • Legendary Summoning Pieces (up to two a month)
  • Reappraisal Stones
  • Summoning Stones
  • 6-star Legend Runes

The Ancient Magic Shop can also have more seasonal or time-limited offers to allow players more purchasing options to use their hard-earned Ancient Coins on. As a result, most players suggest staving off on Ancient Magic Shop purchases that could be done through other currencies due to the Coins’ relative rarity.

Get Magical in Summoners War

Ancient Coins are one of the few reasons you should keep logging into Summoners War to check on new events and their rewards. While it might sound like a hassle, this rare currency leads to some of the best monsters you will use for the majority of your gameplay, making them well worth the effort.

How did you spend your first Ancient Coins? Let us know in the comments section below.

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