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The arrival of Pokémon UNITE on mobile devices paved the way for many Pokémon enthusiasts to experience battling it out with their favorite creatures in a MOBA-style arena.

How to Upgrade Held Items in Pokémon Unite

While new players try to master the intricacies of its 5v5 combat system, experienced MOBA gamers would rather go about exploring the interface and studying every aspect of the game.

This guide will teach you how to strategize like a seasoned MOBA gamer. So let’s begin by talking about some tips on setting up and optimizing Held items for your Pokemon.

Held Items

Held items play a very significant role in boosting your Pokémon’s stats. Learning how to maximize your Held Items is an important strategy all players must comprehend from the get-go.

Your Pokémon can hold up to three items. If you’re at Trainer Level 12, you will be able to use three item slots.

There is a diverse selection of Held Items that you can accumulate in the game. They may appear as accessories, but you don’t actually see the Pokémon wearing them on the battlefield.

Held Items can be acquired by completing quests and challenges. You can also purchase them on Aeos Emporium using either your Aeos coins or Aeos Tickets.

If you’ve received a Held Item that you already have in your inventory, it will not be duplicated. It will instead be converted into an Item Enhancer.

Upgrading your Held Items

Item Enhancers are responsible for increasing the power of your Held Items, which can only be accessible after reaching Trainer Level 9.

Item Enhancers can be acquired from daily challenges, events, or the Aeos Emporium.

1. To upgrade your item, click your trainer profile icon.

  1. To upgrade your item, click your trainer profile icon.
  2. Tap Held Items.
  3. Click All Held Items.
  4. Select the item you wish to upgrade.
  5. Tap the Upgrade button. (The higher your item’s grade is, the more Item Enhancers are required to upgrade it.)

There are also Super Item Enhancers that can straightaway upgrade your item to grade 30, which is the item’s maximum level. These indispensable item enhancers can only be gained from participating and completing the Super Held Item Enhancers Missions.

The effects of each item solely depend on what type of Pokémon you’re using. Pokémon come in different roles such as the Defenders, Speedsters, Supporters, etc. There are also some who use Melee and Ranged attacks.

An example of a Special Attacker is Slowbro.
Greninja is one of the Pokémon that uses the Physical Attack stat.

However, there are only two types of Pokémon that really matter concerning Held Items, and these are Physical Attackers (or just Attackers) and Special Attackers.

Attackers & Special Attackers

Attackers and Special Attackers are categorized as Attack Stat types, and they are not actually equivalent to basic attack and special attack moves.

This type of item will only affect a Pokémon that uses Special Attacks.

Be wary of spending your hard-earned Item Enhancers upgrading an item for Special Attackers if the Pokémon that equips it is an Attacker.

If you were to equip a Special Attack booster item to an Attacker, the Pokemon’s stats would remain unchanged as the item will not affect them.

List of playable Pokémon that use Attack and Special Attack:














Special Attack

Alolan Ninetales











Mr. Mime

Getting the knack for these basic strategies will guarantee you victories on the battlefield. Just like most free-to-play MOBA games, Pokemon UNITE has end-of-season updates. So make sure to keep up to speed with the metagame changes every time the season ends.

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