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Among the more than 1,000 Monsters in Summoners War, a few stand out from the rest. These Monsters have Transmogrifications, which are the game’s way of naming cosmetic skins. The problem is, to Transmogrify a Monster, you need Shapeshifting Stones.

How to Get Shapeshifting Stones in Summoners War

These blue and silver rocks aren’t abundant in the game, but you can still get them for free. They’re rewards from battles or events. If you want to find out more about them, make sure to keep on reading.

What Are Shapeshifting Stones Used For?

Shapeshifting Stones have one purpose, which is to allow players to perform Transmogrifications. These will grant an eligible Monster a new skin. While you can spend money to get the skins instantly, not everyone is willing to do so.

Enter the Transmogrification process, where players spend 100 Shapeshifting Stones and 300,000 Mana to obtain a new skin. Transmogrification can be completely free if you gather enough of the former. As Mana is pretty plentiful in Summoners War, you’re more likely to spend time farming Shapeshifting Stones.

The Transmogrification skins don’t offer any competitive or practical advantage to your Monsters. They’re purely for cosmetic purposes, and you can keep them permanently.

Each eligible Monster must be Transmogrified individually. This reason is why farming Shapeshifting Stones is crucial if you have eyes on multiple skins.

How to Get Shapeshifting Stones

Other than buying special packages, here are the many ways to get this elusive currency. Some methods are more effective, and others are limited to events.

  • Rift of Worlds

Participating in Rift Battles and slaying Rift Beasts is a common way to farm for Shapeshifting Stones. However, the reward pool is quite large, and you may not get as many as you wish. As such, you’ll have to come back and repeatedly grind to get 100 of them.

  • World Arena

The World Arena is the PvP game mode of Summoners War. You need to defeat the opponent’s team to win and gain Medals. Once you have enough Medals, you can spend them in the World Arena Shop for Stones.

You can spend 60 Medals on five Shapeshifting Stones per week. You’ll likely have plenty of Medals left, so you can save extras for next week or use them on other wares.

  • World Arena Special League

The Special League is a time-limited variant of the World Arena, and instead of Medals, you can earn Glory Tokens. Glory Tokens, other than for purchasing Medals, can be spent on Shapeshifting Stones too. However, you only get four of them per season, and each stack of five costs 120 Tokens.

  • Cairos Dungeon

The Cairos Dungeon is a group of five Elemental Halls and other dungeons. The Giant’s Keep, Necropolis, and Dragon’s Lair contain Shapeshifting Stones of the dungeons available.

To get the stones as a reward, you have to reach B12 of any of the three dungeons listed above. The other dungeons in the Cairos Dungeon collection don’t drop Shapeshifting Stones.

  • Events

Occasionally, there are time-limited events that reward players with Shapeshifting Stones just for logging in. These events don’t come often, but check out any possible rewards when you hear of a new event on the horizon. You never know when Stones will be available if you fulfill specific conditions.

A New Look

Shapeshifting Stones aren’t easy to farm, and you can buy the Transmogrification skins directly. However, if you’d rather not spend money, you have a few options. The best method appears to be playing in the World Arena, though it still takes some time. Even so, there aren’t any ways that offer Stones with any consistency.

How many Monsters have you Transmogrified? Which Transmogrification skin is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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