How To Survive Explosions From Creepers in Minecraft


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Minecraft is one of the best adventure games available on different platforms. Mojang Studio creates it. This guide will cover everything you need to know about surviving explosions from creepers in Minecraft.

How To Survive Explosions From Creepers in Minecraft

Minecraft is a survival game where players must stay alive by fighting dangerous mobs while progressing forward. Creoles are the most iconic and notorious creatures among all the hostile mobs in the game. These silent green little mobs have only one goal in the game: to sneak up on the player and explode themselves, creating a devastating explosion.

A creeper can easily be recognized by its tall vertical structure, roughly the size of a player, its pixelated body covered in a range of greens to whites, and its four legs. It is one of the most dangerous mobs in the game, as it is not affected by sunlight like zombies and skeletons, but it can despawn after a while if you stay very far from it and will always remain hostile.

This makes it a constant threat as it silently roams the map, searching for an unknowing player to explode upon. It should be noted, however, that most creepers, along with spiders, despawn during the day. It is often used as the game’s mascot by Mojang.

Creepers are one of the oldest mobs in the game, created even before the official release of the game. They are the most annoyingly scary mob ever. Their explosion can also destroy players and their builds, making them so frustrating to deal with. That is why some players are frustrated by the creepers.

However, if players are cautious enough, there are certain ways to defend themselves from these pesky exploding mobs. Their one purpose? Do nothing else but sneak as close to the player as possible to explode and thus are quite infamous for destroying millions of players and their builds.

Since the game was released in 2011, many players have experienced terror and an untimely demise due to creeper explosions. Dying to a creeper has become so common that the Minecraft community has created memes and jokes about the event.

But players have also found ways to defend themselves against the destructive power of creepers. We have listed some of the most common ways you can survive a creeper explosion in Minecraft.

Ways to Survive A Creeper’s Explosion Attacks in Minecraft

1. Craft and use a shield

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Shields are among the most common and useful gears for protection in the game. You can hold them in your hand and use them to shield and stop yourself from taking damage from melee attacks, ranged, and explosive attacks. Hence, it can also be used to reduce the effects of a creeper explosion.

But you need to be quick enough to use the shield before the creeper explodes for your safety. Even though the shield’s durability decreases rapidly after the explosion, it will ensure you do not take a direct hit and die from the creeper explosion.

2. Blast protection enchantment on the armor

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The blast protection enchantment shields players from explosive damage in Minecraft. This includes firework damage, creepers, ghast fireballs, and Wither. Players will notice this enchantment will help them fight against explosive mobs like the creepers.

Since the creepers often explode at players, having the blast protection enchantment will allow players to take less damage from the attacks and not damage the player’s health as much. Blast protection is perfect for players in the Overworld and the Nether.

These mobs are extremely annoying and do not care about personal space. For example, the creeper is one of the most common mobs roaming the Overworld. When near, the creeper will blow the player up and anything surrounding the player.

This mob attacks by self-destructing, killing itself, the player, and any mobs surrounding it. Blast protection will counter this mob, giving players a chance to take less damage from the explosion with a possibility of not dying due to it. The creeper can even destroy structures that took players a long time to build.

So to make their armor stronger against explosions, players can apply the blast protection enchantment on them. Level four is the highest for blast protection enchantment and can absorb 32% of the damage inflicted by an explosion.

3. Placing a block in-between


Most blocks in the game are highly known to be mostly blast resistant and can absorb most of the explosion’s splash damage. Another way or strategy to survive a creeper explosion is by quickly placing a few blocks between yourself and the creeper.

While almost any block can be used for this strategy, obsidian blocks are the best since they are extremely resistant to explosions. But players should remember that if they use obsidian, they must mine it with a diamond or netherite pickaxe after the explosion to get it back.

4. Using a totem

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The Totem of Undying is an uncommon combat item that prevents you from dying in Minecraft. This item prevents untimely death and gives you a second chance at life in the game.

Remember that it does not make you immortal; its holder’s latest death gets undone each time the totem activates. The Totem of Undying is an extremely powerful item that can give you a second life right after losing all ten hearts, but it only works if you hold the totem when you die.

You can easily survive a creeper attack by using a totem. However, using a totem to survive a creeper explosion should be considered a last resort. Totems are one of the rarest and most important items in Minecraft, and they can be used in fights that are much more dangerous than a simple creeper explosion. The Totem of Undying works in all game modes, including survival, adventure, and even hardcore mode.

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