Take a Look at ‘Dynamic’ Control Type for Street Fighter 6


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Though fighting games have been around for decades, there is admittedly a steep difference when it comes to experienced players and casual gamers. With the upcoming Street Fighter 6, Capcom is looking to even out the playing field, hence the introduction of the Dynamic Control Type.

Take a Look at ‘Dynamic’ Control Type for Street Fighter 6

Game Informer gives us a first look:

The official description reads:

The name comes from the notion that the A.I. essentially decides, dynamically, which attack to perform as you press the face buttons based on your character’s current position and situation; if a character is far away, pressing the face button might throw a projectile, while that same button might pull off a combo in an up-close encounter. While button mashing is a viable strategy when using Dynamic Controls, strategy still plays a role, and you still manually perform parries and move the character using the d-pad.

This should even out the playing field for casual gamers who usually don’t have the time to practice techniques or memorize combos. While other fighting games like Marvel vs. Capcom had their own way of navigating controls for players, it looks like Dynamic is a whole new control type that greatly simplifies the way the game is played.

I can already imagine a lot of seasoned players scoffing at the notion of playing this control type, but if it can introduce anyone to the franchise, I say it’s a win.

Street Fighter 6 is expected to launch sometime in 2023.

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