How To Increase Your Stamina in Tears of the Kingdom


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Learn how to increase your stamina in Tears of the Kingdom!

How To Increase Your Stamina in Tears of the Kingdom

In the exciting world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, stamina plays a vital role in your hero’s abilities and adventures. It is pivotal for traversing the expansive landscapes, conquering formidable foes, and uncovering the mysteries that await. Stamina is like Link’s energy, helping them run, climb, and perform various actions.

As the latest installment in this iconic series, Tears of the Kingdom introduces various captivating challenges and adventures, underscoring the significance of increasing your character’s stamina. To increase stamina means to make it grow stronger and last longer.

This guide will teach you how to increase Link’s Stamina in Tears of the Kingdom. Following helpful strategies and tips can unlock new possibilities for exploring the game’s vast landscapes and facing challenging quests. Let’s dive into the adventure of enhancing your character’s stamina!

Stamina Vessels

Stamina Vessels permanently improve the quantity of total Stamina Link in Tears of the Kingdom. Link starts with one full Stamina Wheel at the start of the game. However, Link can acquire Stamina Vessels to improve his Wheel count.

Each Stamina Vessel adds a small quantity of Stamina, with five Vessels required to complete one additional Stamina Wheel. Link can get a total of 10 Stamina Vessels. This means that Link can get a total of three Stamina Wheels. However, Link can only earn 8 Stamina Vessels if he chooses to complete the maximum of 40 Hearts.

The Stamina in Tears of the Kingdom generally works the same as in its predecessor, Breath of the Wild. Link’s Stamina dictates how long Link can sprint, climb, glide, and charge an attack. Link can also aim a Bow in mid-air to slow time and enable Link to aim and fire numerous Arrows quickly.

However, this is at the expense of the Stamina Wheel quickly depleting. One main difference in this game from its predecessor is that Stamina is needed to get the Master Sword. Instead of 13 Heart Containers like in Breath of the Wild, Link must have five Stamina Vessels to pull the Master Sword from the Light Dragon’s head.

How to Increase Stamina

The following are the main ways to improve Link’s Stamina in Tears of the Kingdom:

1. Lights of Blessing and Goddess Statues

A screenshot showing the Light of Blessing in Tears of the Kingdom

Link must exchange four Lights of Blessing to a Goddess Statue. This is the most fundamental way to get a Stamina Vessel and increase Link’s Stamina. Select Stamina Vessels over a Heart Container when exchanging the Lights of Blessings.

To get Lights of Blessing, Link must complete Shrines of Light. Similar to Ancient Shrines in Breath of the Wild, Shrines of Light in Tears of the Kingdom are still mini-dungeons with puzzles that Link must solve. Inside, the statues of King Rauru and Queen Sonia will bestow Link Lights of Blessing for the completion of the Shrines. According to game folklore, these Lights of Blessing are in charge of eradicating the Darkness. 

As previously stated, Link can swap four Lights of Blessing for a Heart Vessel or a Stamina Vessel. A Heart Vessel increases Link’s health by one heart, while a Stamina Vessel increases Link’s stamina by one-fifth of a Stamina Wheel. Also, each of the Shrines contains at least one treasure chest that Link can discover and open.

Shrine List

Link may track down and finish a total of 152 Shrines throughout Hyrule. Link will now be able to explore both the skies and the depths of Hyrule in this game. Because of that, Link can locate 120 of these Shrines on the wide surface of Hyrule, while Link can discover 32 of them on top of islands in Hyrule’s skies.

Here is a list of all the Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, along with their coordinates:

Surface Shrines of Light

The following are the Shrines that Link can find across the surface of Hyrule:

Lookout Landing Skyview Tower Map

In this Skyview Tower region, Link will be able to find seven Shrines:

Ishodag Shrine-0885, 0418, 0048
Jiosin Shrine-0240, -0374, 0026
Kyononis Shrine-0205, 0451, 0021
Sepapa Shrine0219, 1082, 0028
Seratabomac Shrine-0180, 1170, 0280
Susuyai Shrine-0785, -0433, 0018
Yamiyo Shrine0333, 0468, 0029
Hyrule Field Skyview Tower Map

Link will be able to finish 10 Shrines in this Skyview Tower’s region:

Kamizun Shrine-0176, -1557, 0023
Kyokugon Shrine-0710, -1550, 0006
Mayachin Shrine-0705, -0866, 0031
Riogok Shrine-1443, -1616, 0089
Sonapan Shrine-1921, -0356, 0228
Tajikats Shrine0344, -1007, 0016
Teniten Shrine-0073, -1115, 0021
Tsutsu-um Shrine-1422, -1350, 0068
Tadarok Shrine-2658, -2236, 0067
Usazum Shrine-2140, -0873, 0093
Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower Map

Link can complete eight shrines in this region:

Ikatak Shrine-3950, 1138, 0112
Iun-orok Shrine-3538, 0853, -0133
Kiuyoyou Shrine-1106, 2086, 0104
Makurukis Shrine-2848, 0629, 0233
Oromuwak Shrine-3079, 1618, 0243
Runakit Shrine-2534, 1167, 0177
Sinakawak Shrine-1413, 0757, 0089
Taki-ihaban Shrine-1828, 1196, 0147
Rospro Pass Skyview Tower Map

This Skyview Tower’s region has eight Shrines:

Eutoum Shrine-3506, 3570, 0387
Gatakis Shrine-3650, 1805, 0168
Otak Shrine-4391, 3714, 0212
Rutafu-um Shrine-2996, 3102, 0515
Sahirow Shrine-3355, 2387, 0361
Sisuran Shrine-2559, 3353, 0245
Tauyosipun Shrine-4539, 2881, 0262
Wao-os Shrine-4059, 1991, 0183
Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower Map

In this Skyview Tower’s region, Link will find five Shrines:

Mayausiy Shrine-1165, 2602, -0083
Mayaotaki Shrine-0823, 3535, 0235
Nouda Shrine-2319, 2201, 0173
Orochium Shrine-1638, 2643, 0239
Oshozan-u Shrine-1404, 3677, 0288
Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower Map

Link will be able to find nine Shrines around this Skyview Tower’s region:

Kikakin Shrine-0395, 2736, 0287
Mayak Shrine1270, 3733, 0106
Minetak Shrine0393, 3485, 0068
Musanokir Shrine0408, 2133, 0144
Ninjis Shrine0353, 1890, 0178
Pupunke Shrine0619, 2211, 0164
Sakunbomar Shrine0166, 2319, 0179
Sikukuu Shrine0700, 2793, 0226
Tenmaten Shrine-0594, 1551, -0014
Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower Map

Around this Skyview Tower’s region, Link can find 11 Shrines:

Ekochiu Shrine1059, 1276, 0045
Isisim Shrine1842, 2841, 0363
Jiotak Shrine1833, 3179, 0257
Kisinona Shrine2567, 1245, 0173
Kimayat Shrine2863, 3637, 0241
Marakuguc Shrine1761, 2508, 0437
Momosik Shrine2959, 2758, 0524
Moshapin Shrine2678, 1905, 0131
Sibajitak Shrine2401, 3273, 0402
Sitsum Shrine2367, 2598, 0790
Timawak Shrine1798, 1639, 0311
Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower Map

Link can finish nine Shrines in this Skyview Tower’s region:

Domizuin Shrine3305, 1443, 0426
Gemimik Shrine4513, 2116, 0001
Igashuk Shrine4653, 3702, 0129
Jochi-ihiga Shrine3809, 1219, 0090
Jochi-iu Shrine4346, 2875, 0165
Kamatukis Shrine3431, 3355, 0071
Mayachideg Shrine3061, 1823, 0216
Rasiwak Shrine4664, 3262, 0002
Sinatanika Shrine3839, 2301, 0048
Upland Zorana Skyview Tower Map

In this Skyview Tower’s region, Link can find eight Shrines:

Apogek Shrine3887, -0217, 0164
Gatanisis Shrine4498, 0825, 0095
Ihen-a Shrine3784, 0579, 0485
Joniu Shrine2918, 0505, 0155
Maoikes Shrine2277, 0150, 0079
Mogawak Shrine3298, 0424, 0112
Rasitakiwak Shrine4166, 1323, 0229
Yomizuk Shrine4412, -0610, 0034
Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower Map

Around this Skyview Tower’s region, Link will be able to complete nine Shrines of Light:

Eshos Shrine1564, -1945, 0157
Jojon Shrine1202, 0329, 0027
Jonsau Shrine1743, 0018, 0025
Kurakat Shrine2362, -0511, 0156
Makasura Shrine1770, -1050, 0166
Morok Shrine1183,-0780, 0133
O-ogim Shrine2755, -1089, 0100
Ren-iz Shrine0756, 0823, 0082
Tukarok Shrine0915, -0250, 0035
Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower Map

Link will be able to find and finish seven Shrines in the area of this Skyview Tower:

Anedamimik Shrine4231, -2178, -0012
Jikais Shrine4266, -1674, 0182
Jogou Shrine3346, -1188, 0057
Mayahisik Shrine3730, -2057, 0189
Sihajog Shrine4544, -0845, 1121
Zakusu Shrine3527, -1481, 0168
Zanmik Shrine3469, -2180, 0148
Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower Map

In this Skyview Tower’s region, Link will be able to complete four Shrines:

Bamitok Shrine3094, -3209, 0082
Marari-In Shrine4632, -3712, 0018
Sifumim Shrine2826, -3271, 0078
Tokiy Shrine2304, -2377, -0028
Popla Foothills Skyview Tower Map

This Skyview Towers covers a region with eight Shrines:

En-oma Shrine0104, -2517, -0087
Ishokin Shrine-0562, -3524, 0129
Jiukoum Shrine0867, -2280, 0141
Jochisiu Shrine0931, -1902, 0030
Joju-u-u Shrine1516, -3576, 0142
Susub Shrine0348, -2050, -0026
Utojis Shrine1217, -2542, 0096
Utsushok Shrine0669, -3358, 0072
Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower

There are six Shrines that Link can complete in this Skyview Tower’s region:

Gasas Shrine-4152, 0098, 0040
Mayamats Shrine-4637, -1514, 0452
Otutsum Shrine-4468, -0670, 0509
Rotsumamu Shrine-3407, -1362, 0335
Suariwak Shrine-2523, -1770, 0131
Turakawak Shrine-3496, -0197, 0066
Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower Map

In the area around this Skyview Tower, Link will be able to finish 12 Shrines of Light:

Chichim Shrine-3211, -3007, -0049
Irasak Shrine-4159, -3824, 0028
Karahatag Shrine-3726, -3625, 0043
Kitawak Shrine-1529, -2928, 0321
Kudanisar Shrine-4168, -2144, 0050
Mayatat Shrine-3292, -2509, 0024
Miryotanog Shrine-4679, -3086, 0054
Motsusis Shrine1795, -3485, 0045
Rakakudaj Shrine-2031, -1847, 0064
Siwakama Shrine-2445, -3345, 0041
Soryotanog Shrine-3883, -2964, 0123
Turakamik Shrine-2658, -2236, 0067

Sky Island Shrines of Light

As stated before, Link can locate 32 Shrines of Light in the skies of the Kingdom of Hyrule:

Ga-Ahisas Shrine-3596, 0962, 1699
Ganos Shrine-3366, 0468, 1695
Gikaku Shrine4506, 2164, 1155
Gutanbac Shrine0709, -1381, 1584
Ijo-o Shrine-3863, 2684, 0702
Igoshon Shrine3480, 0664, 1326
In-isa Shrine0013, -1506, 1408
Jinodok Shrine-1257, -1487, 1008
Jirutagumac Shrine2916, 0533, 0951
Joku-u Shrine1375, -3339, 0429
Joku-usin Shrine1070, -3347, 0786
Josiu Shrine1759, -1208, 0924
Kadaunar Shrine1883, 1202, 1251
Kahatanaum Shrine-3294, 3430, 1347
Kumamayn Shrine2856, -2857, 1212
Mayam Shrine0341, 2814, 1821
Mayanas Shrine4613, -0947, 1790
Mayasiar Shrine-3544, -0320, 1965
Mayaumekis Shrine-2947, 3051, 0897
Mogisari Shrine4655, 2496, 1010
Nachoyah Shrine0390, -1162, 2298
Natak Shrine3669, 1488, 1157
Rakashog Shrine-1715, -2119, 1149
Sihajog Shrine4477, -0810, 1115
Simosiwak Shrine0163, 1973, 0759
Siyamotsus Shrine-1793, -3331, 1015
Taninoud Shrine-1800, 3406, 0949
Taunhiy Shrine-2400, 0824, 0615
Tenbez Shrine-056, 3535, 0234
Ukoojisi Shrine1470, -2170, 0585
Ukouh Shrine0275, -0910, 1460
Yansamin Shrine2349, -1782, 1475

Goddess Statues

Once Link has at least four Lights of Blessing from any of the Shrines of Light mentioned above, Link can now exchange them for Stamina Vessels! To do that, Link must find Goddess Statues. These are ancient structures dedicated to the Goddess Hylia. No matter their state, Hyrule residents still use them to pray to the Goddess because of their age. 

There are 18 Goddess Statues across the very large map of Hyrule. Link can find 16 of these in Hyrule’s surface and two in the Sky Islands.

Once Link has at least four Lights of Blessing, he can interact with any Goddess Statues in Hyrule. Then, the Goddess will give Link a choice of either a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel. Select the Stamina Vessel to increase Link’s Stamina!


The following are the locations of all the Goddess Statues Link can find in the game:

Lookout Landing
(Emergency Shelter)
Hyrule Field-0242, 0086, 0008
Kakariko VillageDueling Peaks Region1836, -0996, 0112
Hateno VillageHateno Region3436, -2099, 0130
Lurelin VillageFaron Region2921, -3444, 0000
East Akkala Stable Well
in Deep Akkala
Akkala Highlands4260, 2810, 0105
Tarrey TownAkkala Region3968, 1611, 0127
Rito VillageTabantha Frontier-3606, 1805, 0180
Zora’s DomainLanayru Region3315, 0500, 0150
Goron CityEldin Region1718, 2455, 0393
Gerudo TownGerudo Desert-3876, -2969, 0033
Korok ForestWoodland Region0416, 2178, 0153
Temple of Time Ruins
in the Great Plateau
Hyrule Field-0821, -2027, 0119
Spring of PowerAkkala Highlands3753, 2670, 0002
Spring of Courage East Necluda0875, -2365, 0016
Spring of WisdomMount Lanayru3915, -1331, 0465
Forgotten TempleTabantha Frontier-1076, 2651, -0084
Temple of TimeGreat Sky Island0453, -0774, 1466
Dragonhead Island Thunderhead Isles (West Necluda Sky)1337, -3311, 0429

It is important to mention that some of these are very large Goddess Statues. That means they will require Link to complete side quests for him to use. These are the Goddess Statues in the Temple of Time Ruins, the Forgotten Temple, the Spring of Power, the Spring of Courage, and the Spring of Wisdom. Link can interact with the Goddess Statues mentioned to start the quests

2. The Horned Statue

A screenshot showing the Horned Statue in Tears of the Kingdom

Another way to increase Link’s Stamina is exchanging his Heart Containers for Stamina Vessels. To do that, Link must interact with the Horned Statue.

The Horned Statue resembles the regular-sized Goddess Statues. However, it is dark, has horns, and looks clad in a cloak. According to in-game lore, the Goddess Hylia turned him into a stone statue long ago because of his life-for-money bargains. Despite that, however, the Horned Statue continued his bargains.

Link can exchange a Heart Container for a Stamina Vessel with the Horned Statues or vice versa. During this transaction, the Horned Statue will give Link 100 Rupees for taking the Heart Container or Stamina Vessel.

Then, when exchanging it for a Stamina Vessel or Heart Container, the Horned Statue will ask for 120 Rupees. In other words, it only costs 20 Rupees to exchange a Heart Container for a Stamina Vessel or vice versa.

How to Unlock the Horned Statue

Interacting with the Horned Statue is part of the “Who Goes There?” Side Adventure. To unlock this Side Adventure, Link must complete at least one of the Temples in the “Regional Phenomena” Main Quest.

Link must have hammer-like weapons or Bomb Flowers and Arrows to complete the mentioned Side Adventure. To get the most basic form of hammer-like weapons, Link can look for Stones and use the Fuse ability to combine them with base weapons.

“Who Goes There?” Side Adventure

Once that is done, Link must now do the following:

  1. First, head to Lookout Landing and drop down the Emergency Shelter in the middle of the area.
  2. After that, go to the northern part of the room. Link will find Jerrin, Anson, and a hole in the wall there.
  3. Next, talk to Jerrin. She will say that she worked overtime to clean the place up because it is so dusty. However, the force of her broom accidentally destroyed a part of the wall. Ever since that hole was made, she has heard a creepy voice inside it.
  4. She will then describe it as sounding like a growling demon. Then, she will say that nobody else hears this voice. Jerrin thinks that she unsettled the demon when she destroyed the wall and that the demon is now targeting her. Then, the “Who Goes There?” Side Adventure will begin!
  5. Following that, approach the hole in the wall. Press the left stick to crouch and enter the hole. Inside, Link will discover the Royal Hidden Passage.
  6. Then, follow the path inside, and Link will find a wall of breakable rocks. Link must destroy this wall to continue. To do that, Link can attack it a few times using a hammer-like weapon or shoot it with an Arrow fused with a Bomb Flower. Hold the ZR button to aim Link’s Bow and Arrow quickly, then hold the up directional button to select an item to fuse to the arrow.
  7. Use the right stick to navigate to the Bomb Flower. Let go of the up directional to fuse the Bomb Flower to the Arrow. Aim on the breakable rocks and let go of the ZR button to shoot the Bomb Arrow. Link can also find a Stone in the area to fuse to Link’s weapons to make it hammer-like.
  8. After that, pass through the newly-opened path. There, Link will find another breakable rock wall on the right.
  9. Next, destroy the breakable rock wall on the right using the abovementioned methods. 
  10. Following that, Link will find the dark-horned statue inside. Approach and press the A button to interact with the Horned Statue. It will talk, so select “You can talk?!” on the prompt. It will then ask if Link can hear him, so select “Yes.” on the prompt. He will ask what Link is praying for and say that Link came to the right place, whatever it is.
  11. He then explains his backstory of dealing with life-for-money bargains and why Goddess Hylia turned him into a stone statue. Also, he’ll recall being transferred from the main street to the outskirts of town to a pond and finally here. Then, he will say he has been waiting for someone like Link to hear him. 
  12. After that, the Horned Statue will take one of Link’s Hearts. After a few bits of dialogue, the “A Deal With the Statue” Side Adventure will begin. The Horned Statue is now unlocked, and Link can trade his Heart Containers for Stamina Vessels!
  13. Return to the previous path after interacting with the Horned Statue to finish the Side Adventure. Return to Jerrin in the Emergency Shelter.
  14. Finally, talk to Jerrin. After a few bits of dialogue, Link will explain to her what happened. She will then say she knows a bit about demon statues and will offer what she knows. Select “Of course!” on the prompt, and she will explain the Horned Statue’s in-game lore. After a few more bits of dialogue, Jerrin will give Link a Red Rupee equal to 20 Rupees. Then, Jerrin will thank Link and the “Who Goes There?” Side Adventure is completed!

Temporary Stamina

A screenshot showing the Enduring Elixir in Tears of the Kingdom

Just like his Hearts, Link can increase his Stamina through temporary Stamina. Unlike temporary Hearts consumed first before the real hearts, Link’s real Stamina is consumed first before the temporary.

Once it is depleted, the temporary Stamina will not replenish, unlike Link’s regular Stamina. If Link has some, the player can identify it as the yellow part of Link’s Stamina Wheel. Link can have a total of two extra wheels of temporary Stamina. Because of this, the maximum amount of Stamina with the maximum amount of temporary Stamina gives Link five Stamina Wheels.

To get temporary Stamina, Link can consume Cooked Meals and Elixirs or sleep in certain special beds.

Stamina From Meals

Link can cook a meal that can give him extra Stamina. This is called the “Enduring” effect. If a meal has the word “Enduring” in its name, it means that Link will get extra temporary Stamina for consuming it. This should not be confused with the “Energizing” effect, which will only replenish Link’s Stamina.

To make some Enduring meals, Link must cook a meal with any of these consumable items: Endura Shrooms or Endura Carrots.

Link can get Endura Shrooms near tree trunks and on the floor of cave walls. Specifically, Link can find these in the North Tabantha Sky Archipelago and the North Necluda Sky Archipelago. After collecting some, Link can cook or use different food materials to make a meal that gives temporary Stamina.

As for Endura Carrots, Link can get nearby trees in the East Necluda region and Hyrule Ridge mountains. Aside from adding it as an ingredient in meals to get temporary Stamina, Link can feed it to horses. Doing so will also give the horse temporary Stamina.

While cooking meals, be careful not to add food materials that may give Link a different effect or buff. Doing so will cancel out the Endura Shrooms or Endura Carrots’ effects.

Stamina From Elixirs

Aside from cooking meals, Link can also brew Elixirs to get a temporary increase in Stamina. Link can also brew Elixirs with the “Enduring” effect to do this. Link can make elixirs by cooking monster parts and critters, like frogs and bugs. The critters dictate the effect of the Elixir, while the monster parts dictate the duration of the effect.

The critters that Link needs to find to make an Enduring Elixir are Tireless Frogs. The more Tireless Frogs Link adds to the concoction, the more temporary Stamina Link will get.

Link can easily find them swimming in bodies of water like rivers or ponds inside caves. Also, Link can purchase from Beedle in specific locations. Specifically, Link can purchase Tireless Frogs in the Kara Kara Bazaar, New Serenne Stable, Riverside Stable, Wetland Stable, Foothill Stable, and Snowfield Stable. Link can buy Tireless Frogs at the cheapest place, Beedle in New Serenne Stable or Snowfield Stable. There, Link can buy Tireless Frogs for 100 Rupees a piece.

The same goes for meals; make sure not to add critters that may give a different effect. This will also cancel out the effect of the Tireless Frogs.

How to Cook Meals or Brew Elixirs

To cook meals or brew Elixirs, Link must do the following:

  1. First, look for a cooking pot. Link can easily find one in stables and major settlements. Some are even in small camps.
  2. Next, press the + button to open Link’s inventory. Press the L or R buttons to go to the Materials page.
  3. Then, press the X button to start holding materials. The player can now hold food items, critters, and monster parts they want to cook together.
  4. After that, use the left stick to navigate to the desired materials. Once selected, press the A button to add it to Link’s held items.
  5. Once ready, press the B button to return to the game.
  6. Following that, approach a cooking pot. Finally, press the A button to start cooking a meal or making an Elixir!

Ensure not to add critters or monster parts to the ingredients when cooking meals. Similarly, ensure not to add food items to the concoction when making Elixirs. Doing these will result in the cooked food becoming dubious food. This has no effect and only replenishes very few of Link’s Hearts.

Stamina from Beds

Aside from consuming items, Link can also get temporary Stamina by resting in special beds. Upon waking up, Link’s Stamina is increased temporarily.

One example of a special bed is the Malanya Bed. Link can find this in every stable across Hyrule. The Malanya Bed costs 50 Rupees, which is a bit pricier when compared to the standard Stable bed, which only costs 20 Rupees.

However, sleeping on Malanya Bed grants Link three temporary Hearts and one wheel of temporary Stamina. It is important to remember that these bonuses cannot be combined with other temporary Health or Stamina gained from sleeping.

Aside from these effects, Link may hear the voices of the God of Horses, Malanya, when sleeping on this bed. Through this, Malanya will provide indications regarding side quests or unlockables in the game. Link must first accumulate seven Pony Points to unlock the Malanya Bed.

Another example of a special bed is the Rito-down Bed. Link can find this bed in the “Swallow’s Roost” Inn in the Rito Village. Here, Link can also sleep on the Rito-down Bed for 50 Rupees. In doing so, Link will also get three temporary Hearts and a whole extra wheel of temporary Stamina upon waking up. The regular bed also costs 20 Rupees.


Increasing stamina in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom opens the door for Link to do more things. By gathering Lights of Blessing, trading them for stamina upgrades, and consuming special foods and potions, you can make Link’s energy last longer and handle even the toughest challenges.

Whether climbing tall mountains, sprinting across fields and deserts, or fighting tough battles, having a strong stamina bar will help. So, start this journey with what you’ve learned and a strong will, and see how your hero’s stamina increases.

This then lets Link explore and succeed like never before. There’s a lot of exciting stuff waiting for you! All thanks to this guide about increasing Stamina in Tears of the Kingdom!

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