Tears of the Kingdom: Eshos Shrine Guide


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In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link must complete dungeons to increase his vitality. Across the skies and lands of Hyrule, Link will find Shrines. By completing a Shrine, Link will get a Light of Blessing. Link can exchange these Blessing Lights for more heart containers or stamina vessels.

Tears of the Kingdom: Eshos Shrine Guide

The Eshos Shrine, titled “Combat Training: Shields,” is one of the Shrines Link encounters while roaming around Hyrule. To reach the Shrine’s altar, Link must follow specific instructions from a tutorial. In this guide, we’ll take you through everything Link needs to do in Tears of the Kingdom to complete the Eshos Shrine. Link will be able to uncover the treasure chest inside and acquire the Light of Blessing!


Link can find the Eshos Shrine near the base in the western part of the northern half of Dueling Peaks. This Shrine is west of the Dueling Peaks Stable and the Big Twin Bridge. To be more precise, Link can find the Eshos Shrine in these coordinates: 1564, -1945, 0157. Link can find the Eshos Shrine as one of nine Shrines on the map in the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower region.

Combat Training: Shields

Inside the Eshos Shrine, as mentioned, Link has to follow instructions given to him to reach the end of the Shrine. As its title suggests, the Eshos Shrine is a tutorial dungeon on how to use shields in battle. This entails battling and defeating a couple of Constructs using the instructions provided. Other forms of attack will not deal damage to the constructs. In this Shrine, Link will learn how to perform the Perfect Guard.

Eshos Shrine Guide

To complete the Eshos Shrine and obtain a Light of Blessing, Link must complete the following:

  1. First, head down the stairs, and Link will reach a large room. Upon entering this room, a Construct in the middle will awaken. This Construct is equipped with a Construct Bow and a Ruby Rod. Then, the path back will close. Link will also be able to see the altar ahead. However, the doorway to it is still closed.
  2. Next, Link will hear a voice telling him he can reflect a projectile by parrying with the shield at the right time. With this, Link can turn the enemy’s attacks against them. The voice will also tell Link that his other attacks are ineffective. The voice will then teach Link how to perform a Perfect Guard. To do this, Link must first equip a shield.
  3. Hold the left directional button and use the right stick to select a shield. Once a shield is selected, let go of the left directional button to equip it. It is worth mentioning that Link can get a few Rusty Shields and Old Wooden Shields near the room’s southwest corner.
  4. Following that, Link must now turn the Construct’s attack against it using the Perfect Guard. To do that, hold the ZL button to ready Link’s equipped shield. This will also allow the player to lock on the Construct. Wait for the Construct to throw its projectile, a fireball from its Ruby Rod. Once it does, wait for the fireball to be near Link, then press the A button to parry it. Link will use the equipped shield to bounce the fireball back to the Construct and deal damage if done correctly.
  5. Then, another Construct will emerge from the ground. This Construct is wielding a Construct Bow and a Topaz Broadsword. This weapon will throw a ball of electricity. Link must now defeat both of the Constructs using the learned skill. It is worth mentioning that the player should choose the right shield for parrying. Metal shields will conduct electricity from the projectile of one Construct. This may deal damage to Link.
  6. Wooden shields, on the other hand, will burn from the fireball of the other construct. Once ready, hold the ZL button to ready the shield and lock on one of the Constructs. Wait for the Construct to launch its projectile. Once it does, wait for it to almost hit Link, then press the A button to parry the projectile. If done successfully, one parry of its projectile is enough to defeat the Construct.
  7. After that, hold the ZL button again to hold up the shield and lock on the other Construct. Stand by until the Construct fires its projectile. Once it does, wait for it to be near Link, then quickly press the A button to parry the projectile. One parry is also enough to defeat it. After defeating them, one of the Constructs will drop the Ruby Rod, Construct Bow, and a Zonai Charge. The other Construct will drop the Topaz Broadsword, Construct Bow, and Zonai Charge.
  8. Next, the doorway to the altar will open. Enter this doorway, and Link will find a treasure chest. Open the chest to get a Mighty Zonaite Shield.
  9. Finally, head for the altar and press the A button to examine the green symbol. Link will then get a Light of Blessing!

As mentioned, this guide is about the Eshos Shrine, titled “Combat Training: Shields.” This Shrine is one of nine Shrines Link can be found in the region of the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower. The other eight Shrines are the Jojon Shrine with the title “Proving Grounds: Rotation,” the Jonsa Shrine with the title “Deep Force,” the Kurakat Shrine, the title “Rauru’s Blessing,” the Makasura Shrine with the title “An Upright Device,” the Morok Shrine with the title of “A Bouncy Device,” the O-ogim Shrine with the title of another “Rauru’s Blessing,” the Ren-iz Shrine with the title of “Jump the Gaps,” and the Tukarok Shrine with the title of “Forward Force.”

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